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California State University Transfer Program Making Progress

CSU Transfer Program Making Progress
A program designed to help California community college students transfer to the California State University system is making progress but needs more work.

A new report out Monday looks at the progress one program is making toward easing transfers between community colleges and the California State University system.

The program lets students earn associate degrees at community colleges and then transfer to a CSU school to finish their bachelor’s degrees. A report from the Legislative Analyst’s Office finds many popular majors are covered in the program.

But the Legislative Analyst’s Office's Jason Constantouros says students are often confused about the transfer process. He says better marketing could help solve the problem.


"We think efforts that focus tools and resources towards high school and community college counselors could be an effective way to make students aware of the transfer process," he says.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office says it’s too soon to determine whether the four-year old program is effective at speeding transfers and helping students earn a bachelor’s degree.