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Culture Lust by Angela Carone

Gather Your Phones for Mozart

We have become a nation of key taps and cell phone clicks.  You become aware of the clicks in your daily work flow when you get a new keyboard - all of sudden the tapping at your desk is louder and more resonant.  Then there's the common ring tone, most noticable when cell phones sing their way into a meeting, or movie, or, as in the other night, the Lyle Lovett concert at Humphreys (I was bitter and commenced with the glaring).  But today I present you with a strange and ingenious use of cell phone tapping, clicks, and...Mozart.  I also leave you with this question:  Isn't the human impulse to engage in random and odd forms of expression refreshing?  Or maybe it's this question:  Did that impulse increase with the birth of YouTube and its platform?  Enjoy!