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Top 10 Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid

A non-profit health information line at UCSD advises pregnant women to be especially careful about what they eat during the holidays.

The toll-free CTIS info line has put together a list of the top 10 foods pregnant women should stay away from.

Spiced cider and eggnog should be avoided, because they may be spiked with alcohol. Luncheon meats can harbor bacteria if they're not served piping hot.


CTIS Director Tina Chambers said soft cheeses like brie may be unpasteurized.

"Cheeses that are made with unpasteurized milk could contain listeria," Chambers pointed out, "which is a bacteria that causes listeriosis, and that could be an infection that could be harmful to the pregnancy."

Chambers says smoked seafood is also a no-no.

She says the most important thing pregnant women can do to protect their health is get a flu shot.

The CTIS info line is available at (800)532-3749.