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Marine Corps PSA Highlighting Gary Stein's Actions Gets The Boot


A Marine Corps public service announcement, or PSA, called “Staying Social Media Savvy During Election Season” got the boot after former Camp Pendleton Marine Gary Stein cried foul. The PSA used Stein's actions as a warning of what not to do - namely, post political statements on Facebook, according to the Marine Corps Times.

That made Stein, who was less than honorably discharged from the service in April for his anti-Obama Facebook posts, less than pleased:

“I still served my country for nine years. I still deserve that respect.”

When Marine Corps Times reporters brought up the issue to public affairs personnel at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point (where the PSA was created), it was taken down from the web, and replaced with this:


Cherry Point public affairs director Mike Barton defended the PSA to the Marine Corps Times:

“I think that as just a recent case that gives a powerful example of what can happen if you disobey the regulations. I don’t believe that many Marines are going to lose any respect for any service that he gave the Marine Corps.”

Still, the video is nowhere to be found on the Internet.