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Mexican Police Head Killed After Drug Crackdown

Mexico's acting chief of the federal police was shot and killed outside his home Thursday in Mexico City. The brazen attack came amid a nationwide crackdown on organized crime.

Edgar Millan Gomez, who coordinated anti-drug operations with the Mexican military, is the third high-ranking Mexican police official killed in the past week, as NPR's Jason Beaubien tells Alex Chadwick.

The federal police force has been one of the lead agencies in a recent campaign against Mexico's drug cartels.


Millan was shot 10 times after opening the door to his apartment complex, where at least one gunman was waiting for him before dawn, the Public Safety Department said. Two bodyguards were also wounded. Millan died hours later at a hospital.

President Felipe Calderon's government said Millan had played a vital role in the country's fight against organized crime and denounced "this cowardly killing of an exemplary official."

Millan, 41, was named acting chief March 1 after his superior was promoted to a deputy Cabinet position, said a police official who was not authorized to give his name.

Police were investigating and had not yet determined a motive, the official said. One suspect with a record of car theft was arrested.

From NPR reports and The Associated Press.


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