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Best Books of 2008

Since the economy has people staying in and eating out less, maybe people will start reading again. To help inspire the trend, we have some recommendations of what to read. We've invited two avid r

Best Books of 2008

Tom Fudge:  Later this month, the lucky among us will be able to enjoy some days off for the holidays. And for some of us that means finding a good book to read. Let's face it, a lot of people are also casting about for Christmas gift ideas, and books serve the purpose. They're affordable, usable, and hopefully they're actually fun to read. That's why we're going to spend a little time looking back on 2008 and talking about some books that may be worth investing a little leisure time in.


You can find a list of the books we recommend as well as some recommendations from listeners on KPBS' Culture Lust blog


Debra Ginsberg  is a San Diego-based writer and the author of three memoirs and two novels.  Her latest book is T he Grift , which the the New York Times has just picked as a Notable Crime Book for 2008.

Lucia Silva is the manager at The Books Works bookstore in Del Mar.