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Can Mexico Survive the Drug War?

Can Mexico Survive the Drug War?

Maureen Cavanaugh : One of the most potentially destabilizing battles in the world continues to be fought not in Gaza or Kashmir but just 15 minutes south of downtown San Diego. A threat assessment report by the US Joint Forces Command issued earlier this month says the Mexican government, it's politicians, police and judicial system are all under assault by criminal gangs and drug cartels.  And the report suggests that Mexico is one of two countries that could face a "rapid and sudden collapse."  The other country is Pakistan.

Tijuana is one of the hot spots in the Mexican drug cartel war.  At least 350-people have been killed in Tijuana since September and that death toll keeps rising.


KPBS and Tijuana are continuing the special series Border Battle: Bringing Home the Drug War.


Amy Isackson , border reporter for KPBS News

Vicente Calderón , editor of .