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Growing Unemployment Puts Strain on SD Food Bank

Growing Unemployment Puts Strain on SD Food Bank
How is the nation's economic crisis impacting the San Diego Food Bank? KPBS Metro Reporter Katie Orr joins us to talk about her recent report on the increased demand at the local Food Bank. We also speak to a Food Bank board member about how the organization is dealing with the increased demand, what challenges they are facing right now, and how they are expanding the services they offer through the San Diego Food Bank's Community Cares Project.

Maureen Cavanaugh: The problem of hunger in America is, sadly, not new. Before the economic downturn, advocates for the poor say some 25 million Americans each year used donated food and and soup kitchens to supplement their diets.

But right now, in San Diego, the number of people needing help putting food on the table for themselves and their families has increased substantially in just the past year. Agencies that help people in need say the demand for food assistance has increased 20-30…or 50 percent more than last year.


Organizations like the San Diego Food Bank say they are working hard to keep up with the increased demand. And they are also trying to provide additional services for people who suddenly find themselves without a job and in need of some real help.


Katie Orr, metro reporter for KPBS News.

Jennifer Perkins, board member with the San Diego Food Bank.