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Budget Negotiations To Continue Through Weekend

It looks like negotiations that could lead to a state budget deal will continue over the weekend – and a vote could come very early next week.

Gov. Jerry Brown wants to place a measure on the ballot in early June that would extend several tax increases – but said he needs at least four Republican votes to do so.

Democratic Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg is telling lawmakers to be prepared to meet Friday, over the weekend and Monday morning – and he said time is running short.


“There is a point where June 7 wouldn’t be possible, and I think, you know, it’s several days is really what the flex is,” Steinberg said. “And we’re all aiming for June the 7. So obviously, the next day, two days are gonna be very crucial.”

The governor is meeting privately with five Republican Senators. Their proposals include a state spending cap, pension reforms and more.