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KPBS Hall Of Fame

  • During a 47-year long career at KPBS, Tom Karlo worked as cameraman, director, manager of business and finance, and most recently as general manager. Now retired, his contributions continue to shape KPBS content, culture and visibility of the station.
  • Station volunteers Don and Anne Wemple and supporter Dr. Arthur Getis are the 2021 Hall of Fame honorees.
  • Dan and Phyllis Epstein, Pat Finn, and Steve and Sue Hart are the 2020 KPBS Hall of Fame honorees.
  • Carol Vassiliadis, Harold Zimnick, and the Producers Club Committee Members are inducted into the KPBS Hall of Fame as Visionaries
  • KPBS is proud to recognize Sandra Timmons and Rick Sandstrom, and Catherine Stiefel and Keith Behner as the 2018 Hall of Fame Visionary honorees. Each couple has made an incredible impact on KPBS’ ability to expand its mission.
  • KPBS recognizes Susan Polis Schutz and Stephen Schutz as the 2017 KPBS Hall of Fame Visionary honorees.
  • KPBS recognizes Jeffrey Kirsch, Ph.D. as the 2016 KPBS Hall of Fame honoree for Lifetime Achievement.
  • KPBS recognizes the Beyster Family and Ken Kramer as the 2014 Hall of Fame inductees.
  • KPBS honors the 2013 Hall of Fame inductees for their important and lasting contributions to KPBS. Inductees are Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Weber and Stephanie Bergsma.
  • KPBS recognizes the 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees: Audrey Geisel, Brad Warner, and Conrad Prebys and Debbie Turner. This year’s inductees have all made important and lasting contributions to KPBS.


Established in 2010 to help commemorate the station's 50th anniversary, this special place honors the individuals and families who have made an impact on KPBS through their work, philanthropy, and leadership.

Inductees are celebrated in one of two categories: Lifetime Achievement or Visionary. Lifetime Achievement honorees are former staff whose work set new standards for public media. Visionaries are generous supporters and leaders whose commitment helps KPBS advance its mission and service to the community.

Each fall we celebrate the honorees with a special event. Previous KPBS Hall of Fame honorees include such local philanthropists as Joan and Irwin Jacobs, Conrad Prebys, Audrey Geisel, KPBS founder Ken Jones, journalist Gloria Penner, and “About San Diego” host Ken Kramer.


2021 Don & Anne Wemple
2021 Dr. Arthur Getis
2020 Dan & Phyllis Epstein
2020 Steve & Sue Hart
2019 Carol Vassiliadis
2019 Kathy Bettles
2019 Julie Hatch
2019 Patti Nussbaum
2019 Kitty Wolcott
2019 Harold Zimnick
2018 Catherine Stiefel & Keith Behner
2018 Sandra Timmons & Rick Sandstrom
2017 Susan Polis Schutz and Stephen Schutz
2014 The Beyster Family
2013 Dr. Stephen & Susan Weber
2012 Audrey Geisel
2012 Conrad Prebys & Debbie Turner
2011 Danah Fayman
2011 Dick & Carol Hertzberg
2010 The Copley Family
2010 Dr. Irwin & Joan Jacobs
2010 Joan Kroc
2010 Price Charities
2010 Arthur & Jeannie Rivkin
2010 Donald & Darlene Shiley
2010 The Viterbi Family


2022 Tom Karlo
2020 Pat Finn
2016 Jeffrey Kirsch
2014 Ken Kramer
2013 Stephanie Bergsma
2012 Brad Warner
2011 Gloria Penner
2010 John Witherspoon
2010 Paul Marshall
2010 Paul Steen
2010 Ken Jones
2010 Tom McManus