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Flatbreads 201: Armenian Matnakash with Andrew Janjigian

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 6 PM

Join guest chef Andrew Janjigian to add Armenian matnakash to your flatbread repertoire!

Is “matnakash” in your vocabulary? If you love flatbreads, it should be. This soft, fluffy, dimpled Armenian flatbread is the perfect addition to any mezze spread or dinner table. Typically served as a table bread as a welcome accompaniment to robust entrees or an array of small plates, this bread is overdue to become a regular part of your dinner routine. Join guest chef Andrew Janjigian, self-proclaimed breadhead and the creator of the popular blog and newsletter Wordloaf, for an interactive class where you’ll learn the secrets to perfect matnakash. We’ll start with a little language lesson: matnakash literally means “drawn by fingers,” referring to the way the fluffy, furrowed bread is shaped by dimpling and stretching the dough with fingertips before being slid into a hot oven to bake. It’s a spiritual cousin of numerous other regional “fingerprint” flatbreads, including Iranian barbari bread, Afghan naan, Turkish pide and Lebanese manaqish. Andrew’s recipe draws upon methods and ingredients found in each of these breads, along with the classical European baking techniques that are the foundation of his practice, all of which make it an easy-to-make, ultra-tender, and deeply flavorful bread. Come learn to create this bread (in both yeasted and sourdough versions) and come away with a beloved addition to your repertoire.

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