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Powers New Voices Festival 2022 -- POSTPONED

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Powers New Voices Festival 2022 -- POSTPONED

Every week through Apr 10, 2022.
Sunday: 4 PM
Sunday: 7:30 PM
Friday: 7:30 PM
Saturday: 4 PM
Saturday: 7:30 PM
Old Globe Theatre
Reservations available beginning Jan. 11, 2022.

NOTE: The Powers New Voices Festival 2022 has been rescheduled for April 6-10, 2022.

The Old Globe's Powers New Voices Festival 2022 is divided into two segments and takes place at the Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre in the Conrad Prebys Theatre Center. The first, on day 1 (Friday, Jan. 14) features the Community Voices program and partnership with SoulKiss Theater. The second segment, Festival Series of New American Play Readings, takes place Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 15-16.

Subject to availability, reservations for the general public will be available beginning Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 12:00 noon. Tickets can be reserved by calling the Ticket Services Department at (619) 23-GLOBE (234-5623). A line for standby seating will form 30 minutes before each performance of the Powers New Voices Festival. Based on ticket-holder attendance, those standing in the standby line may be seated. Seating is based on seat availability and is not guaranteed. Latecomers with tickets are also not guaranteed admittance.

DAY 1:
Celebrating Community Voices: An evening of two one-act plays from The Old Globe
Friday, Jan. 14, 2022.
7:30 p.m.

The Powers New Voices Festival kicks off with "Celebrating Community Voices," an evening of short works created by San Diego playwrights through the Globe’s arts engagement programs Community Voices and coLAB. In collaboration with SoulKiss Theater, this evening will feature the one-act readings of "Game Night" by Queen Kandi Cole and directed by Bibi Mama and "And We Danced" by Miki Vale and directed by Jacole Kitchen.

For Celebrating Community Voices, playwrights Ngozi Anyanwu and Liza Jesse Peterson served as mentors to Vale and Cole, respectively.

"And We Danced"
By Miki Vale
Directed by Jacole Kitchen
An exploration of the life and impact of Ruth Ellis, a Black, openly queer woman and LGBTQIA activist from the 1940s who created a safe haven and sustained advocacy for the Queer Black community of Detroit.

"Game Night"
By Queen Kandi Cole
Directed by Bibi Mama
A group of friends gather for a night of games but wind up digging into the complexities of their diverse backgrounds and belief structures post-pandemic during a chaotic and hilarious evening of libations and truth-telling.

DAY 2:
'Exotic Deadly: Or The MSG Play'
Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022
4 p.m.

By Keiko Green
Directed by Jesca Prudencio

It’s 1999, and Ami is an awkward, Japanese American high schooler whose world comes crashing down with a terrible discovery: her family is responsible for manufacturing MSG, the poison spice getting all the kids hooked! Meanwhile, a cool new girl, Exotic Deadly, arrives from Japan, and she’s not playing by the rules. In this time-traveling adventure, Ami vows to save the world from MSG and realizes what she’s capable of, if she could just get off the ocean floor....

'Crime and Punishment, A Comedy'
Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022
7:30 p.m.

Adapted by Gordon Greenberg and Steve Rosen
Directed by Gordon Greenberg

Dostoyevsky’s masterpiece of world literature is hilariously reimagined as a 90-minute comic-adventure morality tale, performed by five ridiculously talented actors who play over 50 zany characters, riffing on the novel—and the entirety of Russian literature. The renowned story follows Rodya Raskolnikov, an impoverished student tormented by his own nihilism who becomes a murderer in order to save his family. Believing his humanitarian ends justify the horrific means, he ultimately buckles when his best friend becomes the primary suspect. Set in turn-of-the-century Russia with a decidedly contemporary twist, this is classic literature retold like you’ve never seen it before.

DAY 3:
'The Red and the Black'
Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022
4 p.m.

By Keelay Gipson
Directed by Steve H. Broadnax III

You know that thing new couples do? Where they invite their other coupled friends to a weekend away to show off their new relationship? This play takes place in the Berkshires during one such weekend. And what was supposed to be a ritualistic coming together of friends spirals into something much different by the weekend’s end. A meditation on the rise of New Black Conservatism, The Red and the Black toys with the notion that all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.

Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022
7:30 p.m.

By Ngozi Anyanwu
Directed by Patricia McGregor

Black love. Is it a thing? And if so…. What is it in practice? Seriously… like in real life not in movies? What does it look like Sound like, Smell like across generations Across cultures Do we really want that old thang that our parents had? And by we I mean the Blacks. What if we could explore it like any other ideation of love? What if the way we talked about Black love was just, like ……. Regular?

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