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'Resilience' art show at The Brown Building

5 PM - 10 PM, ongoing daily from February 11, 2022 until February 13, 2022.
The Brown Building

"Resilience" is a three-night exploration of queer love through art, music, celebration and community at The Brown Building in City Heights, Feb. 11-13, 2022, 5-10 p.m. each day.

Some of the works will be for sale, and a percentage of each sale will be donated to The Brown Building.

Featuring work by:
Xochi Perez, Tarrah Aroonsakool, Santol Abi, Priscilla LaSalle, Maya Joshi, Marina Grize, Margo Alleman, J Ordaz, Haus of Tea Bois, Gwen Miramontes, Delana Thompson, Arnold Baretto, Anthony Carter, Ally Pizzo.

About a few of the artists:
Marina Grize is a Southern California-based artist who uses collage, poetry and contemporary media to consider the politics of care. Through collection and interpretation, she explores queer identity, perception and desire. Her works "I Think I Want To Be As Beautiful as the Ocean (Jules) 1 & 2" at The Brown Building.

Tarrah Aroonsakool is a queer, first-generation multi-disciplinary artist from San Diego, using watercolor not to paint a pretty picture of humanity, but an honest one, using found material and stylistic choices, while blending unconventional materials and the beauty of conventional realities. She uses common household items like cardboard, rice, tea, salt and coffee in her work.

Ally Pizzo is a dark, figurative artist who uses mediums such as graphite, ink and watercolor to express themes of identity, depression and isolation. Many of the subjects in Ally's pieces are references of actors and models from the 1920s or self portraits. See their piece "Sacrifice" in person at The Brown Building.

Xochi Perez is a queer, Latina film photographer based in San Diego using 35mm film. The photographs featured in this show were taken during the "dyke march" in New York City.

Arnold Barretto is a Middle East-based fine art photographer, designer, book artist and printmaker. Currently he is working on photographing the gay community in the Middle East with an extra emphasis on sensuality which is often seen as obscene. All portraits included are faceless to protect the identity of the models while also commenting on the lack of visible identity that they quee community has here.

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The Brown Building

4133 Poplar St.
San Diego, California 92105

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