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The Stoke Sessions: An International Conference on the Culture, History, and Politics of Surfing and Skateboarding

The Stoke Sessions
SDSU / Tony Hawk photo by Joshua Cutillo
The Stoke Sessions
6 PM, ongoing daily from April 20, 2023 until April 22, 2023.
Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union
All Ages

The Stoke Sessions conference, featuring keynote speakers Tony Hawk and Steve Hawk, Dian Hadiani, and Selema Masekela, is the second international conference organized and hosted by San Diego State University’s Surf and Skate Studies Collaborative.

Join us for a conference that brings together scholars from all backgrounds and disciplines – humanities, social and natural sciences, cultural studies, ethnic studies, Indigenous studies, sports studies, etc. in a comprehensive examination of surfing and skateboarding. We welcome graduate and undergraduate students, writers, journalists, community activists, professional and casual surfers/skaters to join us in a celebration of, and critical reflection upon, the culture, history and politics of surfing and skateboarding and their various progeny like snowboarding, windsurfing, etc.

The Stoke Sessions builds upon our previous conference, but with a wider scope that includes skateboarding and other board sports spawned by surfing. We plan to keep the new name and hope to make The Stoke Sessions a biennial, traveling conference that can be hosted by scholars from a variety of locales around the world. The second part of our plan is to link The Stoke Sessions conference to our new journal, Board Cultures: The International Journal of Surfing and Skateboarding Studies, published by San Diego State University Press. It is our goal to create a network of scholars around the globe that can connect once every other year through The Stoke Sessions conference and publish their research and art in a new venue dedicated to surfing and skateboarding studies.


4/20 Tony Hawk and Steve Hawk

4/21 Dian Hadiani

4/22 Selema Masekala

For all schedule details, visit:

Event Supported By

San Diego State University College of Arts and Letters and the Surf/Skate Studies Collaborative

Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union

6075 Aztec Circle Drive
San Diego, California 92115

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