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KPBS Explore San Diego, a local project

Supporting Local Content For San Diego

Local Content is at the Heart of KPBS. It increases our sense of place, connects audiences over shared experiences and reflects our diverse community. The KPBS Explore Local Content Project was launched in 2012 as a way to create more local programming for our viewers. Since the project’s inception, we’ve collaborated with over 25 local producers on new ideas for programs that make us think, help us dream, and keep us connected.

In addition to new episodes from its signature series, Crossing South, Live at the Belly Up, Ken Kramer’s About San Diego, A Growing Passion, and KPBS/Arts, KPBS Explore presented several new original productions and standout specials like Line in the Sand: The story of America’s First Surfing Park, Mammoth Dreams and Expect a Miracle: Finding Light in the Darkness of a Pandemic.

Being able to reach new audiences means investing in and adopting new technologies to share stories that matter. KPBS takes the challenge to heart and actively invests in content and staff to reach new audiences by way of the digital podcast. KPBS presents a total of 11 podcasts that offer unique insight and perspective from diverse voices in the arts, science, film, and more. A total of seven podcasts are produced by KPBS and another four are produced by local producers in collaboration with KPBS.

Support for the KPBS Explore San Diego program begins with gifts of $10,000. Local recognition is available, commensurate with the level of support.

To learn more about how you can support the KPBS Explore San Diego program, contact Cheryl Inokon, Major Gifts Officer, at (619) 594-2104 or


Jared Blakeley
Major Gifts Director
(619) 594-0851