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Oceanside To Consider Funding $12M Aquatic Center

A rendering of the proposed Oceanside Aquatic Center.
Oceanside Aquatic Program Association
A rendering of the proposed Oceanside Aquatic Center.

Oceanside budget discussions this week will include deciding whether a planned $12 million aquatic center is a priority on the city’s wish list.

The complex would house a 56-meter competition pool, which the city currently lacks for its athletic programs. It would also include a smaller instruction pool and splash pad.

The city's has two existing municipal pools. City park and recreation staff said both are overbooked.

Plans to build an aquatic center at El Corazon Park were introduced to the public at a workshop in January, and residents and City Council members who were present embraced the idea.

However, a funding source to pay for construction has not been determined. Councilman Jerry Kern said the $12 million question could be put off for a couple of years.

“We’re probably a year or two away from where we actually say, 'OK, we’re going to go forward and we’re going to build it,' and we have to figure out a funding mechanism at that time in order to build it," he said.

Kern said the City Council may get the ball rolling this Wednesday by designating funds from the upcoming fiscal year towards environmental reports and developing design plans.

“I doubt if we go the full boat and allocate $12 million but we can probably set money aside, either a combination of operational funds and reserve funds, to do the engineering and maybe some of the design work,” he said.

The El Corazon site, which was a former rock quarry, may pose some building challenges.

Future construction money may come from setting aside general funds or city bonds.

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