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Justin Timberlake in Sync with Heroes at Marine Corps Ball (Video)

I'm writing this out to all of you after attending an event that turned out to be one of the most moving evenings I've ever had...

Those are the words of singer and actor Justin Timberlake, who wrote about his date with Cpl. Kelsey De Santis at the Instructor Battalion Marine Corps Ball in Richmond, Virginia this past weekend.

Last July Cpl. De Santis asked Timberlake to be her date in a YouTube video - after Marine Sgt. Scott Moore asked Timberlake's “Friends with Benefits” costar Mila Kunis to accompany him to his Marine Corps Ball. You can see De Santis' video proposal by clicking here.

Timberlake wrote about the Ball on his website:

I felt so proud to be there. I felt like I was getting a chance to be among my heroes. It's funny too because a lot of them are SO younger than me... Thank you Corporal Kelsey DeSantis. Thank you for inviting me. And, thank you for being my hero.

NBC has more on Timberlake's evening with De Santis: