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Medal Of Honor Awarded To Soldier Killed In Vietnam War (Video)

Leslie and Rose Sabo
Courtesy of Rose Sabo-Brown
Leslie and Rose Sabo

It's been 42 years and six days since Army Spc. Leslie H. Sabo Jr. performed the heroic actions that earned him the Medal of Honor. And today President Barack Obama was finally able to present the award to Sabo’s widow, Rose Mary Sabo-Brown, at a White House ceremony. The Medal of Honor is the nation's highest military honor.

According to the Armed Forces Press Service:

Sabo is credited with saving the lives of several of his comrades in Company B, 3rd Battalion, 506th Infantry, when his platoon was ambushed near the Se San River in eastern Cambodia on May 10, 1970. Sabo shielded a comrade from an enemy grenade and silenced a machine-gun bunker before he was killed.

The Washington Post reports it took so many decades for Sabo to finally be awarded the Medal of Honor because of a paperwork snafu.


Here's video from today's ceremony from The Pentagon Channel: