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Ex-Mexican President Plans New Research Center

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox.
Photo courtesy Vicente Fox.
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox.
Vicente Fox Research Center
Vicente Fox Research Center

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox will open a new private research center in Texas.

Details are still being worked out, since the idea is still in its nascent stage. Office space has not yet been chosen and a staff has yet to be hired.

While Fox is the big name behind the effort, the man making it all happen is Fox’s former liaison with the U.S.-Mexican émigré community: Juan Hernández, a Fort Worth native.

Hernández worked as a senior advisor to Fox on immigration issues. With dual citizenship in the U.S. and Mexico, Hernández has remained active in politics in both countries. He’ll be in charge of setting up and opening the new research center, which will focus on immigration issues.

But besides research, the center will target the area’s immigrant high school and college students, to groom them into potential political leaders.

Vicente Fox hopes to shake the hands of many Hispanics, whether they be documented or undocumented, and have them dream in being leaders,” Hernández said in an interview.

He said funds will be raised for scholarships for Hispanic students. And eventually, it may become commonplace to see Fox walking around the streets of Fort Worth.

“I hope that we’re able to have him often,” Hernández said. “And that he not only adopts us, but that we adopt him.”

First order of business for the Fox center will be the launch of a high-profile quarterly speaking series featuring other former world leaders. Already committed for 2012 are the former leaders of Spain, Canada, Poland and Israel.

The lectures will take place at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.

Fox got the series started this week with the formal announcement of the new center as part of the inaugural World Leaders Forum series speech.