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Mello-Roos: The Tax You Choose

How Much Do You Pay?

Poway Unified Parents Want Answers About Who Gets A Seat At New School

Homeowners want to know why their kids can't attend a new K-8 school in their neighborhood.

Poway Unified Kids Can’t Attend New School Because Parents Didn’t Pay For It

Find out why only some kids in the Poway Unified School District can't attend a new K-8 school in their neighborhood.

Poway Unified Sells Rancho Bernardo Land To Health Care Company

The Poway Unified School District sold the water tower site for $7.38 million to San Diego-based AmeriCare Health and Retirement Inc.

Surprise Bid On Rancho Bernardo Land: Possible Seniors’ Community

The fate of the "water tower" site might finally be decided by the Poway Unified School District.

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Poway School Officials Front Costs With Mello-Roos Taxes; Vow To Pay It Back

An <em>inewsource</em> probe uncovered a trail of contradictions about how the district obtained property in Rancho Bernardo and why it’s using Mello-Roos taxes to try and sell it.

Poway District Responds To inewsource Probe With Mello-Roos Website

Homeowners who pay Mello-Roos property taxes will soon be able to double-check they're paying the correct amount.

Poway Parents Want Answers About Their Mello-Roos-Funded Schools

Parents who pay extra property taxes called Mello-Roos question whether they are getting the new schools they thought they were paying for.

Poway Schools Rely On Mello-Roos Tax Machine For Lunches, Signs And Old School Repairs

The Poway Unified School District spends special property taxes called Mello-Roos on everything from catered lunches, to consultant fees, to a new administration building.

Poway School District Admits Mistakes In Some Mello-Roos Tax Bills

Homeowners who pay Mello-Roos taxes might want to double-check their bills as more mistakes discovered in tax calculations.

Another Homeowner Overcharged Mello-Roos Taxes — This Time In Poway School District

Another Mello-Roos mistake in a second tax district raises red flag about the integrity of the special tax system.

Councilman Wants Independent Audit Of Del Sur Taxes (VIDEO)

An inewsource investigation into Mello-Roos taxes has prompted Councilman Mark Kersey to call for an independent audit into the tax bills of 344 of his constituents.

Mello-Roos Law Allows Vote Of One To Decide On New Taxes

How can one person, sometimes a developer, can be the sole voter deciding on new taxes? inewsource investigates.

Homeowners Overcharged Thousands In Special Property Taxes

An inewsource investigation has prompted the city of San Diego to review property tax bills for hundreds of homeowners.

Do You Pay Extra Property Taxes? Mello-Roos: Who's Paying What (Video)

One in 10 San Diego property owners pays an extra property tax ranging between $35 and $8,700 a year. Find out if you're one of them.

Homeowners Willing To Pay Higher Taxes Buy Nicer Schools

Some San Diego homeowners are willing to pay hundreds of dollars extra in property taxes every month for newer and better-equipped public schools.

Poway Unified Superintendent Talks Special Taxes

Poway’s superintendent, John Collins, talks about Poway Unified’s use of Mello-Roos fees to build new, top-flight schools.

Calif. Forces Schools To Shift Money Around To Pay Bills

In California, school districts borrow from one account to pay back another while they wait for payments the state is obligated to provide.