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Film Review Of 'The End of the Tour'

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"The End of the Tour" reviewed by Cinema Junkie Beth Accomando.

ANCHOR INTRO: David Foster Wallace won accolades for his 1000-page novel “Infinite Jest” in 1996 but just over a decade later he would commit suicide. KPBS arts reporter Beth Accomando spoke with actor Jason Segel

David Foster Wallace’s novel “Infinite Jest” garnered wide acclaim back in 1996 when it was first published. It also won over actor Jason Segel.

JASON SEGEL: It’s a challenge, I mean it’s a thousand plus pages and it’s hard, and sometimes you want to throw that book against the wall if you’re perfectly honest but getting through it makes you feel smart, it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and that’s part of his intent is to remind you that you’re capable of this.

Segel now plays Wallace in “The End of the Tour.” The film is based on the book by Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky and it chronicles the five-day road trip the two men shared in 1996.

CLIP When I think of this trip I see David and me in the front seat of the car, he wants something better than he has, I want precisely what he has already…

If you are unfamiliar with Wallace’s dense, challenging work then the film may come off as a portrait of two self-absorbed guys. But there are scenes that capture Wallace’s humor, compassion, and genius, and provide insights into why the author chose to leave this world at 46.

JASON SEGEL: He talks really beautifully about depression and this is a man that was willing to go to places that we try to suppress.

“The End of the Tour” serves up Wallace as a complex and troubled man, and if you haven’t read one of his books, you should do so now.

Beth Accomando, KPBS News.

about playing the writer in the new film “The End of the Tour.”

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