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'The Third Man' 4K Digital Restoration Comes To Ken Cinema

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A 4K restoration of "The Third Man" opens at the Ken Cinema and that's cause for celebration.

ANCHOR INTRO: A 4K restoration of The Third Man opens Friday at the Ken Cinema. KPBS film critic Beth Accomando says nothing new can compete with this more than half-century old classic.

CLIP Heard of Harry Lime?

If you haven’t heard of Harry Lime then drop everything and rush over to the Ken Cinema to see a glorious digital restoration of The Third Man on the big screen.

CLIP It’s a murder story, based on fact. It’s called the Third Man.

There’s nothing new in theaters that can even hold a candle to the masterful direction of Carol Reed and deliciously clever script by Graham Greene. The delirious skewed angles, seductively rich shadows, and memorable zither score all add up to make this a cinematic classic. Plus Orson Welles is at his sly best as the mysterious Harry Lime.

Beth Accomando, KPBS News.

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