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LATEST UPDATES: Racial Justice | Tracking COVID-19 (coronavirus)

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Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon host KPBS Midday Edition, a daily radio news magazine keeping San Diego in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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Bars, Restaurants Pay Price For California Virus Surge

Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered 19 counties to close certain businesses including indoor restaurants, movie theatres and museums. While San Diego isn’t one of them, local public health officials have issued their own restrictions. San Diego County Undersheriff Michael Barnett discusses what enforcement will look like.

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Imperial County Copes With COVID Increase

Imperial County, as with other California counties, has seen an increase in positive tests for the coronavirus and cases of COVID-19. How is this mostly rural agricultural region coping with the pandemic?

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Black Youth More Likely To Be Detained By San Diego Unified Police

A KPBS analysis of more than 9,400 district police records shows that Black youth are up to four times as likely to be arrested or detained as their white peers.

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Impact Of Coronavirus On Plastic Pollution

Mitch Silverstein, the manager of the San Diego chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, joins Midday Edition on Thursday to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the group's yearly cleanup and plastic pollution in general.

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The Role Of The San Diego Unified Police Department

San Diego Unified School Police Chief Michael Marquez joins Midday Edition to discuss the role of police officers on campuses within the San Diego Unified School District.

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California Prisons Are COVID Hotbeds Despite Billions Spent On Inmate Health

California prisons have emerged as raging COVID-19 hot spots, even as the state annually spends more on inmate health care than other big states spend on their entire prison systems.

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San Diego Extends Eviction Moratorium Through September

The freeze on all residential and commercial evictions comes as the recent spike in COVID-19 infections threatens prolong the economic pain caused by the pandemic.

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City Approves Agreement For SDSU To Purchase Mission Valley Stadium Site

San Diego City Council Wednesday approved the purchase and sale agreement formalizing the City’s sale of the Mission Valley stadium site to San Diego State University.

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San Diego County Reports Spike In COVID-19 Cases, Orders Bars Closed

A spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in San Diego County prompted officials to pause any additional reopenings through at least August 1 and order all bars, breweries and wineries to close Tuesday at midnight.

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Petition Calls For Defunding San Diego Unified Police

Endiya Griffin, a student organizer behind a petition drive to defund school police in the San Diego Unified School District and Michael Burke, a reporter for EdSource, joined Midday Edition on Tuesday to discuss the effort locally and across the state.