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LATEST UPDATES: Tracking COVID-19 | Transfer Of Power | Racial Justice

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KPBS Midday Edition Segments

Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon host KPBS Midday Edition, a daily radio news magazine keeping San Diego in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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COVID-19 Super Vaccination Site Opens In Chula Vista, Second in County

Officials hope a new COVID-19 “Vaccination Super Station” in Chula Vista will bring much needed relief to the South Bay. Chula Vista Mayor Mary Casillas Salas joined Midday Edition to speak about the vaccination site.

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Joel Anderson Discusses Enforcement Of COVID Rules

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has a new voice: Joel Anderson was sworn in January 4th. Anderson, a more conservative voice on the board, joined Midday Edition to speak about future plans.

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Your Vaccine Questions Answered

The coronavirus vaccine distribution has been confusing at best and messy at worst. Not to mention the vaccine is new and you want to know more about it before deciding whether or not you will sign up to get it. KPBS Health Reporter Tarryn Mento asked Dr. Christian Ramers to answer your questions.

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How Advocates Pushed The Biden Administration To Take Immediate Action On Immigration

A taskforce has been working for weeks on ways to restart the country's asylum system and uphold its international commitments.

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The Old Globe's Powers New Voices Festival Champions Fresh Perspective

This year marks The Old Globe's eighth Powers New Voices Festival, held each year to unveil new works of theater as well as offer a glimpse into the creative process of plays as they're developed.

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San Diego County Politicians React To Biden, Harris Inauguration

Some of San Diego County’s political leaders released statements Wednesday in reaction to the inauguration.

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Pride And Excitement At Howard University, Harris' Alma Mater

The nation’s oldest Black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, celebrated fellow sister Kamala Harris’ inauguration.

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California Urges Stop To 300K Vaccines After Some Fall Ill In San Diego

James Paulson, Ph.D. Professor and Chair of the Department of Molecular Medicine at the Scripps Research Institute, joined Midday Edition to speak about allergic reactions some San Diegans had to a batch of the Moderna vaccine.

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To Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccinations, Leaders Are Turning To The National Guard

More than a dozen states have called up the National Guard to help at vaccination sites, and Joe Biden may mobilize Guard units nationally.

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‘Kamala Harris Is My Fairy Godmother’: A VP Super Fan Says She Saved His Life

Billy Lemon has been sober for eight years and now runs the Castro Country Club, helping other gay men get off drugs. Billy says it’s all because of Kamala Harris.