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LATEST UPDATES: Tracking COVID-19 | Transfer Of Power | Racial Justice

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San Diego Conversations

San Diego Conversations is a podcast that continues the dialogue from "Community Conversations," a KPBS and National Conflict Resolution Center program devoted to educational discussions on issues important to our region. Pick up the story where “Community Conversations” left off with this podcast series. Hear solutions-focused discussions on the U.S. Census, COVID’s impact on education, police reform and vulnerable students.

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San Diegans Counted

Why the U.S. census is important and how the 2020 census has navigated a bumpy road, including kicking off during a pandemic. How did the census turn out, at least initially, for San Diego?

This episode is an update of an earlier Community Conversation: “The Crucial Role of Census in a Pandemic Age.” Watch that conversation here:

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Introducing "San Diego Conversations"

What a year, right? Just like everyone, KPBS has had to change how it's done some things since the pandemic started. One of these was to change its events series called "Community Conversations" from being in-person to virtual. We wanted to share some of these crucial conversations with you, and that's why we're bringing you this new podcast, "San Diego ... Read more →