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Here is a real world example of a socialist policy and the difficulty that comes in making a reasoned decision between individual liberty and common good. The fire department in nearby Idyllwild, California has hired (no-bid) a San Diego company to make "forced-abatements" on private property within this small mountain community. The forested neighborhood is under the constant threat of wildfire - some overgrown properties increase the threat to the entire community. The San Diego company has the right to clear private property, to make whatever "improvements" they alone deem necessary and to charge the property owner for these "improvements." Failure to pay the "improvement" bill can lead to a lien on the property and the loss of a home. An army of strangers with chainsaws unilaterally "improving" my front lawn would not be welcome. A firestorm whipped up by my neighbor's unkempt yard would not be welcome. Self or society?

"The Dung Beetle - a capitalist

perspective of the socialist


"The Tapeworm - A socialist

perspective of the capitalist"

The McCain campaign, Fox "News" and other shills for the McCain campaign have joined in a collective spasm over the coming tide of socialism led by Barack Obama.

The flailing about began with Obama's "spread the wealth" comment to Joe the Plumber.  It is a testament to both the desperation of the McCain campaign and the bloodlust of the 24 hour news cycle the last major theme of this election has become a false debate over Socialism versus Capitalism.

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