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 Almost everyday I receive emails and phone calls from friends and colleagues who have fallen for some story they heard on the McCain Noise Machine . They wonder if we will end up with a McCain/Palin administration.  (After all, George Bush was allowed to be President not once but TWICE, a fact that still seems inconceivable.) 

Over and over I hear myself explaining why Obama is the best leader for these turbulent times, so have I've distilled these discussions into a few key issues.

1.  Obama has the resolve, intellect, and insight to be an effective President. 

2.  Obama understands the complexity of the foreign policy issues that the next President will face. He understands that in addition to a strong military, the importance of dialogue and diplomacy are crucial to resolving global crisis.

3.  Obama knows its 2008 and not 2004 or 1973.  The country has changed and Obama gets this . He has given a voice to the millions of Americans who understand that the mistakes of the past eight years must not continue.

4.  Most Americans with half a brain do understand that this election is not an "American Idol" entertainment vehicle and are able to grasp the difference between real issues and political spin.

5.  Obama has given us the opportunity to elect a  President who will bring hope and inspiration to move beyond the current domestic, economic and geopolitical quagmire.

Chuck from Escondido
September 24, 2008 at 11:04 PM
Not that it changes the outcome, but I'm not sure I agree with your second reason that McCain will lose. My impression had been that his refusal to reject specific individuals and specific initiatives of his party and the Bush administration was sabotaging his claim to be pro-change. He really needed to announce much earlier on who would be out and who (if any) would be recycled in a McCain administration if he was going to give his 'change' theme any credibility.

Ahmed Hersi from San Diego
September 25, 2008 at 01:24 AM
While I have lots of respect for what Sen. McCain has done for this country, this country needs a new leadership that divorces itself from the ideas of the past: Give the rich all the financial fire power and expect that everybody eventually receives a trickle of that. We need an active government involvement in our market economics, income redistribution, and the revival of manufacturing and service jobs. I just don't understand the lax regulation and oversight of our free market --allowing mega companies to oursource and offshore our jobs and then help them with our tax money in times of crisis. Our tax revenues derived from multiple sources such as sales/income/property/exicise. It's like a government by the Corporations and for the Corporations. Obama is a true leader. His call for the relief program for the homeowners as part of the Rescue Package proposed attests to the quality of his leadership.

Candace Suerstedt
September 25, 2008 at 01:38 PM
Chuck, It may be that my second point under "why McCain will lose" is a bit hyperbolic. I was referring to a plethora of comments like the one he made at the convention where her said, "And let me offer an advance warning to the old, big-spending, do-nothing, me-first, country-second Washington crowd: Change is coming," McCain declared. Then he said on the view that Palin was going to "reform Washington." Odd stance since he was a part of it for so long. It feels like his advisors think Americans are so stupid they won't remember that McCain comes out of that very group he's bashing.

September 25, 2008 at 07:04 PM
I agree that Obama will win, however what many fail to understand is that a political party/candidate will not fix economic problems. Getting out of debt, producing wealth and saving will make things better and these are all things that should be done on personal level.

James Kitchens from San Diego
September 26, 2008 at 09:06 PM
i don't understand how everyone in america on the left thinks that Mccain is another 4 years of Bush and that he has chosen a running mate that no experience. I would say that her experience is about the same if not more than your main attarction on the ticket, lets see on 190 issues your canadate has voted present 160 times just like yesterday when he said if you need me I am only a phone call away and 2 hours on a plane ride, oh yea and a president must be able to multi task. what of leader says i am only a phone call away??? Get real, I know it must be a community organizer's way of handling things. Instead of a Senator that is concerned about the way things in this country are run and when there is a crisis he is in Wa. not 4 states away saying if youneed me I am only a phone call away. And lets not forget the vice presidental candidate that runs his mouth and gets his running mate in more trouble by disagreeing with the presidental candidate, I love how the media which by the way is run by the left and Miss Couric whoasked Sen. Biden about the financial situation and his reply was what oh yea pres. Rosevelt and everyone can watch him on t.v. get a clue on who is more qualified to run this country a person who's first trip to Iraq was only a couple of months ago and his experience with foriegn policy is that of or less than the GOP's vice pres. candidate. I love the way that the left is spinning things the way of a rock star. now is that a President we want or do we want a President that has the foriegn policy background. and why don't you find a new phrase other than another 4 years of BUSH!!

Daniel J. Smiechowski from San Diego
September 26, 2008 at 10:00 PM
Regarding Senator McCain's position on the bail out of Wall Street: I admit to not being the sharpest tool in the shed but perhaps now is a good time for The Honorable Senator to call for the privatization of Social Security. Daniel J. Smiechowski

Matthew C. Scallon
October 02, 2008 at 11:20 PM
@Candace:"5. The majority of Americans do not REALLY want to return to a time when women died in "back alley" abortions. Nor do the majority of Americans want someone with an End Times Pentecostal belief system in the Executive Office." According to Bernard Nathanson, the co-founder of NARAL, the story that women were dying as a result of back alley abortions was pure fiction . Just because you repeat a lie over and over again doesn't suddenly make it true. As well, women are dying right now as a result of legal abortions. Just as it makes no sense to blame these deaths on the legality of abortion, claiming that illegality will cause women's deaths makes even less sense. Women die from abortions not because it's legal or illegal; they die because abortions are not safe, at least not as safe as your side of the baby killing debate has been claiming for the last 35 years. According to Roe , any medical professional is allowed to perform this invasive surgical procedure. It doesn't have to be a doctor, not even a P.A. Any R.N, L.V.N., or C.N.A. is legally allowed to perform the procedure under Roe . I hope you are not so self-delusional as to believe that all of these professions are equally qualified to perform abortions. Yet, according to Roe , all of them are allowed to perform abortions. Now, I could go on and talk about what abortion does to the baby, but I'll leave it that.

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