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Another Teen Gets Scared

Teen Critic Weighs in on Paranormal Activity Phenomenon

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Above: "Paranormal Activity"

"Paranormal Activity" (opened wide on October 23 throughout San Diego) is a film that looks like a documentary. It’s about Katie Featherson and Micah Sloat. This story is about a middle class couple who thought their lives were perfect, until Katie finally tells Micah that she is being followed by an entity. Micah gets a camera to "catch ghosts" on film. The twist starts when they find out that it may not be a spirit. Micah thinks that he can fix the problem but in reality he makes it worse. Some people believe that this is a true story but others believe that it is a college project.

People believe that this film is one of the scariest ever made since "The Blair Witch Project" (which also presented itself as a documentary made from found footage). Most viewers of this movie said they only screamed once and that was during the last ten minutes of the film. This movie is scary because it is the type of movie that would make you think about reality and what might really be in this world, and the things we can and cannot escape from.

There were things that Katie did in this film that would make you ask the person next to you many questions. Why does she smell Micah’s body at the end? Why didn't she call the demon expert? Why was her hand bleeding when she held the cross? Was it because she was possessed or because she held it too tight?

This film should NOT be seen by children. The film gives viewers a new crazy and scary outlook on life.

“Paranormal Activity” is rated R for language.

--Alisha Jackson is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She loves to read and watch movies, so being a teen critic is a life long dream for her -- "watching movies for free and before they come out." She wants to be a writer in the future.

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