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Assemblywoman Not Giving Up On Plastic Bag Ban

The effort failed in the California legislature earlier this year, but Governor Schwarzenegger said lawmakers should reconsider a ban on plastic grocery bags.

Governor Schwarzenegger addressed the failed assembly bill that aimed for a b...
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Above: Governor Schwarzenegger addressed the failed assembly bill that aimed for a ban on plastic bags.

The bill by Democratic Assemblywoman Julia Brownley couldn’t make it past the State Senate. Brownley has pledged to try again and Governor Schwarzenegger would like that to happen before he leaves office in January.

“This is definitely one of those things that I felt that we were so close to getting it done that I think that maybe after the elections now because– as you know, before the election, there’s always a little bit of hesitation about certain things but after the election it’s easier so maybe, we have a chance to get it done.”

Schwarzenegger said he’d like lawmakers to consider it while they’re in town for the special budget session, starting next week. He said plastic bags create litter and marine debris and hurt animals.

Tim Shestek is with the American Chemistry council, which lobbied hard against the bill. He said there’s a reason it failed the first time.

“This bill would have resulted in higher grocery costs for families and would have jeopardized several hundred manufacturing jobs in this state.”

Schwarzenegger and Brownley are also focusing on local governments that are putting their own plastic bag bans in place.

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Avatar for user 'navigator'

navigator | December 1, 2010 at 7:55 a.m. ― 6 years, 3 months ago

When will the idiots in California get it??. Plastic bags are not our biggest problem at the moment. So typical of the left wing to make this their agenda instead of jobs.

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Avatar for user 'Smiff'

Smiff | December 1, 2010 at 12:06 p.m. ― 6 years, 3 months ago

Schwarzenegger is a left winger? So funny i didn't laugh.

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