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California State University Considers Drastic Budget Cuts, 32% Tuition Hike


Aired 5/10/11

San Diego State University students face a huge tuition hike next year. California State University laid out its worst-case scenario today, fearing $1 billion in state cuts.

California State University is considering a $1 billion contingency plan of cuts that would increase tuition up to 32 percent and shut down enrollment for thousands of students.

Student and faculty members march on the campus of California State Universit...
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Above: Student and faculty members march on the campus of California State University, Northridge, demonstrating against proposed budget cuts at all 23 Cal State University campuses statewide on April 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

CSU has already taken action to address an initial $500 million in cuts, including reduced enrollment, increased tuition and staff eliminations.

Now universities have to prepare for double the cuts because of the state's failure, so far, to extend state taxes that are set to expire June 30.

CSU spokesman Erik Fallis warned the "scorched earth budget" would devastate the institution.

"It's the combined state funding for 10 of CSU's smallest campuses, it's the enrollment funding for 85,000 students," said Fallis.

To prepare for the possibility of more cuts, CSU plans to "wait list" applications for winter and spring 2012 and consider tuition-fee hikes at its July meeting.

"These are just two among the many very bad choices that would have to be out there for us," said Fallis.

The cuts equate to a 36-percent decrease in state support. Tuition for a full-time undergraduate student would increase to about $6,500 per year.

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Avatar for user 'Frank_N_Blunt'

Frank_N_Blunt | May 16, 2011 at 11:01 a.m. ― 5 years, 9 months ago

Are the citizens going to let these perps continue shaking down our social institutions?
The ties with corporateers are turning citizens into indentured servants as the perps are able to evade taxes while promoting higher fees that require citizens to go into debt. They have heisted education as a profit making opportunity while evading due contributions to public revenue as a supposed non-profit entity or abuse government access to corrupt the weak elected reps and use crony bureaucrats to enact their criminal policies.
The corrupt government continues promoting policies that contribute to socio-economic disparity, the deterioration of the nation, and virtual slavery of citizens.
Don't go to college as there is no need for it and it will bankrupt you right out of the gate as they exploit citizens to enhance the wealth of corporateers and perps that have heisted the educational system. Greed has become the administrators priority as there is no substantiation for the continued increases of tuition other than promoting debt.
End the abuse of law, resolve the socio-economic disparities, require those that should to pay their due contributions to public revenue and taxes, require the employers to support the training, and leave this place to work in another nation if not forsake such a place that would exploit you so that others can benefit from their greed and crimes.
ScAmerica has betrayed and deceived the citizens unless the righteous citizens restore the nation.

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