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Chapter Eight

Chapter eight begins with Rachel deciding to run away at midnight because Pono has not come to visit and she is worried about him. The three-mile route to Kalawao is dark, and Rachel becomes muddy and lost. After being charged by a wild pig, Rachel is frightened until she encounters a man named Moko, who takes her to his house. Rachel explains that she wants to visit her Uncle Pono, and Moko says he will take her there in the morning. The following morning Rachel wants to go to Pono, but Moko says that she must first help him with chores. Rachel works all day, and then Moko says they will go to Pono's the following morning. The following morning Moko says Rachel must wash clothes, and Rachel angrily protests. Moko strikes Rachel and threatens her. While Rachel washes clothes, Moko sleeps, and Rachel takes the opportunity to escape. Moko wakes as Rachel is leaving, and he chases after her, but Rachel strikes him in the neck with a stick, and she gets away.

A man on horseback finds Rachel and takes her to Sister Catherine, who is waiting at the Baldwin Home for Boys. Catherine takes Rachel to Pono. While Rachel stays with Haleola and Pono, Catherine goes back to Bishop Home to get permission for Rachel to stay a few days with her uncle. Pono is able to play with Rachel one last time before dying.

After Pono dies, Haleola asks Rachel if she can be her adopted aunt.

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