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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is KPBS' Federal Tax ID Number?

    KPBS is a not-for-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501 C(3). San Diego State University Research Foundation Federal Tax ID Number: 956042721

  • What is your mailing address?

    5200 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182-5400

  • I’d like to find out about volunteer opportunities at KPBS. How can I do that?

    There are many volunteer opportunities at KPBS. Community volunteers play a very important role at the station. Some of these opportunities include helping the station at KPBS community events, aiding with clerical duties, answering telephones during "pledge drives" and much, much more! For more information, please call the Volunteer Office at 619-594-4985. You can also visit the Volunteer page on the KPBS website.

  • How can I learn more about underwriting opportunities on KPBS?

    Please visit our Corporate Underwriting page or call Corporate Development at (619) 594-4988.

  • I would like to see your financial statement for the last fiscal year. Where can I get a copy?

    View the statements online, or you can call KPBS Audience Services at 619-594-6983 or 888-399-5727 and they will gladly send you a copy of our financial statement.

  • I’d like to learn more about KPBS station events.

    KPBS holds many different events each year as well as participates in events around the San Diego community. In addition, each year we coordinate special shows featuring PBS and public radio personalities. For more information, visit our KPBS Events page periodically for upcoming events.

  • Does KPBS air Public Service Announcements?

    KPBS is a public broadcasting station, providing both public radio and public television to San Diego County, and as such, our programming and community outreach activities are a public service to the San Diego area. KPBS does form partnerships/sponsorships with businesses and other organizations that share similar values and missions, and as part of these underwriting agreements, these partners do receive airtime. In addition to KPBS partnering and sponsorship opportunities, there are other ways to get your message out to the community:

    Interviews/KPBS News and Public Affairs Programs:
    If you think your business, organization or event would make an interesting news story, you can submit your ideas to our newsroom via our online contact form. Events Calendar:
    KPBS also has a community events calendar on You can submit your own event information for inclusion at:

  • I'd like to work at KPBS. Where do I learn about job openings and how do I apply?

    As a broadcast service of San Diego State University, all human resources for KPBS are managed by SDSU and the SDSU Research Foundation. SDSU Foundation provides a job hotline at 619-594-1900 which includes listings for employment opportunities at KPBS as well as San Diego State University. To speak to an associate in the Personnel Office, please call 619-594-4139. You may also visit the jobs page on the San Diego State University Foundation website.

  • KPBS 89.5 FM Schedule Changes May 2011Back to top
  • Why did you cancel Classical Music?

    Making KPBS an all news and information station 24-hours a day, 7 days a week fits with our vision to be the premier source for local news analysis in San Diego and Imperial Counties. This was a very difficult decision, but we believe this shift will make KPBS radio more relevant by offering news and information content that supports and extends our brand at all hours of the day. Keep in mind, we will continue to air local classical music performances on Saturday and Sunday evenings from the San Diego Symphony, the San Diego Opera and other local music organizations. And we are actually increasing the Classical Music offerings – but on That’s where we are adding a 24-7 Classical Music Stream. So you can listen to classical music any time of the day, on your computer. And we are also continuing with the classical music station on KPBS’ HD2 station. HD radio is becoming increasingly more popular and affordable.

  • Where can I find Classical music now? will have a 24—7 Classical Music stream available starting Tuesday, May 10. The great thing about the classical music stream is you can listen all day, any day from your computer. If you have HD Radio, you can listen to classical music 24-7 on our HD2 channel.

  • What is a web stream and how can I get it? Do I need special equipment?

    A Web stream delivers live audio through the Internet to your computer. If you have a computer with an Internet connection, you have everything you need. Just visit where you can listen for free.

  • Where is my favorite news and public affairs program? Did you cancel it? How come I can’t find it?

    Don’t worry! Your favorite news and public affairs programs are still there, some of which are at the same time. Check out the radio schedule to see where everything landed. Why did we do this? Our first decision was to move “These Days” to noon – and make it an hour long program called “KPBS Midday Edition.” Then – as a major step towards reaching our goal of being the premier local source for news analysis, we decided to schedule news and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, by moving classical music out of the radio schedule and to with its own 24-7 stream, we had a hole to fill. That’s why we added several new programs, and we’ve shifted the schedule around a bit.

  • Was the decision to eliminate Classical on KPBS radio a cost-cutting measure?

    Our primary reason for shifting to a 24-7 news and information service was to fulfill our goal of being the premier source for local news analysis. We may save some money long term, but that wasn’t a factor in our decision.

  • Why did you change the name of "These Days" to "Midday Edition?"

    “These Days” is evolving to better reflect KPBS’ goal to be the premier local source for news analysis in San Diego. Part of this plan includes launching a nightly TV program in the Fall called “KPBS Evening Edition.” To align our local news products we have chosen to brand our programs around the “edition” theme: “KPBS Morning Edition,” “KPBS Midday Edition” (formerly "These Days") and “KPBS Evening Edition” (coming to TV in September).

  • Why did you move "These Days" to noon?

    We discovered two things about the radio audience throughout the day: 1) the second hour of “These Days” has been in a steady decline over the last few years. 2) On average, there are more people listening at noon than at 9 a.m. We decided to tighten the program up by making it an hour. And then we saw an opportunity to increase the audience at noon while at the same time enabling the program to be more news oriented – and this fits in with our goal to be the premier local source for news analysis. We are now giving the “Midday Edition” producers and host more time in the morning to react to the news of the day, better cover breaking news and to produce a solid hour long news magazine program at noon.

  • Why did you cancel "These Days?"

    Actually we didn’t cancel “These Days,” we gave it a new name, “KPBS Midday Edition,” and we moved it to a better timeslot at noon. Maureen Cavanaugh remains the host and you will still get the same great content and interviews that Maureen provides the audience with each day. But the producers and Maureen have more time each morning to give you a tighter and more news oriented program.

  • KPBS 89.5 FM Transmitter MoveBack to top
  • What's this I hear about your radio transmitter moving?

    Yes, have moved our radio transmitter from Mt. San Miguel to Mt. Soledad. The official switch comes after a thorough FCC review and approval of test results.

  • Why is KPBS doing this?

    KPBS has been trying to move our transmitter to Mt. Soledad for nearly 20 years. The previous location on Mt. San Miguel allowed KPBS to have a power level of 2.7kw. The move to Mt. Soledad will increase power level to 26kw, which means the KPBS Radio signal will have the power to penetrate buildings, dramatically increasing the number of people who can listen to KPBS inside their homes and offices. The need for this was particularly urgent during the wildfires of 2007 when we lost power and access to our radio signal because of the fires burning on Mt. San Miguel. While fires on Mt. Soledad are certainly possible, the likelihood is much less. As San Diego’s only 24 hour news and information station, KPBS must be able to broadcast during times of crisis. Having our transmitter at Mt. Soledad increases this.

  • How will the move impact me?

    If you live in North County inland or coastal and have previously been unable to receive KPBS 89.5 FM in your home, you will likely be able to get KPBS radio now. Homes in the east county may notice a change in signal strength or loss of signal as a result of the move. However, KPBS radio can still be heard via our live stream at or with the free KPBS App.

  • How can I hear KPBS now?

    If you are in the East County and experience some loss of the KPBS radio signal, there are a few things you can try to get the KPBS back into your home:

    -Radios with built in antennas may experience improved reception by adding a wire to the back, plugging into an extension cord, or even repositioning the radio itself towards the new transmitter.

    -Readjust your antenna(s). Point the antenna in the direction of the new location (Mt. Soledad). Some clock radios that don’t have an attached antenna may receive the signal better just by turning the radio itself.

    -Some listeners have reported an improvement by switching to a radio with a telescopic antenna. If you’re already using this type, try fully extending the antenna or repositioning.

    -Choose a new radio with an external antenna connector. Models Such as the Sangean WR-11 have this type of connector as do other manufacturers.

    -Listen via or with our mobile site. Many of our programs can also be downloaded as a podcast.

    -Access KPBS Radio via your Cox Cable or Time Warner Cable connection. For Cox, tune to channel 953. For Time Warner, tune to 961.

    -Obtain an Internet radio. Many are available at your preferred electronic retailer such as Fry’s or Radio Shack. These devices do not require a computer but do require wireless internet connection. Most come in a variety of styles (modern to classic) and size (from pocket sized to table top). With the wi fi, these radios are portable, so listeners can take them from room to room as long as the internet connection is not compromised.

    -Download the free KPBS App to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. The KPBS App can be accessed through our mobile site, the mobile help section on and through the App stores:

    Google Play


    You may continue to receive 89.5 FM in your car. Car antennas are stronger and can better receive the transmitted signal.

  • I live in East County and now I can't Get KPBS. Why?

    The move to Mt. Soledad, however, greatly increases KPBS’ reach in the region, ensuring that hundreds of thousands of people will be able to access KPBS radio. Unfortunately, some homes may no longer receive the over the air signal due to surrounding terrain and typography. KPBS Engineering has made great efforts to strengthen the signal’s reach in impacted areas. At this time, listeners who are continuing to experience a weaker signal or the loss of the signal all together are encouraged to experiment with the recommended tactics/tips if they have not already done so. Audience data shows us that radio listeners do more than 47% of their listening away from the home, which can include at-work, in the car, and other locations (gym, shopping, recreation, etc). In addition, more than 27% of KPBS listeners listen to the radio online. While listeners in East County may experience some signal loss, we anticipate the impact to be confined to at-home listening. The move does not diminish KPBS’ dedication to providing exceptional news coverage. Our award winning news team is prepared to bring the important stories from all over the region. Additional measures to restore the signal’s reach in the east are under review. However these alternatives will take a significant time to clear FCC and Mexico authorizations. KPBS continues to welcome your feedback and experience. We are committed to assisting listeners with the recommended tactics when possible. Affected listeners are encouraged to also provide the impacted location’s address or cross streets. This data can be used if/when new technology becomes available to boost our transmission and signal’s strength.

  • I live in La Jolla and listen to KPBS at 89.1 FM. Does the transmitter move affect me?

    If you live or work in La Jolla and previously tuned to KPBS via 89.1 FM (K206AC), you can now access the signal directly at 89.5 FM.

  • Logging in to KPBS.orgBack to top
  • How do I create a account?

    Just go to the login page on our site, select "I'm new," create a username and password, enter your email address, click the check box to accept the terms of service, and click the "Sign up" button. You can also click one of the social network buttons to create your account using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or OpenID profile.

  • What is an acceptable username?

    Your username can consist of any combination of letters and numbers. Please do not use spaces or punctuation. E-mail addresses will not work as usernames. Usernames are case sensitive, i.e., if you registered as JDoe, then you can not log in as jdoe.

  • How do I activate my account?

    After you register for an account on, we will send you a confirmation email. You will need to activate your registration by clicking on the link provided in the email.

    Please add to your address book so that your email program recognizes our confirmation email as legitimate. You can download and open our vcard icon vCard (file name: kpbs.vcf) to automatically add us to your address book.

    If you do not receive the email in a few minutes, check your spam/junk email folder. 

    If neither of those techniques work, please contact us and we can activate your account for you. 

  • Why should I create a account? 

    Your account will allow you to comment on our stories, sign up for our daily newsletters, submit events to our event calendar, and vote in our polls.

  • I already created an account for the KPBS membership site myKPBS. Why doesn't that login work?

    Because we are using two different systems for myKPBS and the comments on our news site, you will need to create a separate account for the news site. You are welcome to use the same username and password, but please be aware that changing one does not change the other.

  • I can't remember my password.

    Please go to and the email address associated with your account. We'll send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you have a KPBS account via your Facebook/Twitter/Google/OpenID account, you can log in using your social networking credentials -- you don't need to remember a separate password.

  • Why should I log in with my Facebook/Twitter/Google/OpenID account?

    We provide you with the option to log in with your social networking IDs to simplify your life. One less password to remember is always good, right? We'll still ask you to create a username for use on, but you won't have to have a separate password. The next time you come to our site, if you're already logged in to Facebook/Twitter/Google/OpenID on your computer browser, you'll automatically be logged in to 

    You can learn more about the OpenID system at or

    You can also read more about how each social networking site handles third-party log-in requests: 

  • If I log in with my Facebook (or Twitter/Google/OpenID) account, do you now have access to my Facebook account?

    We do not have access to your Facebook/Twitter/Google/OpenID account or password. 

  • How do I log in with Facebook/Twitter/Google/OpenID?

    After you click on the button for your preferred social networking site, you'll be taken to a page -- controlled by the social networking site you selected -- where you'll be asked to enter your username and password. They will authenticate you, and send you back to That's all! Your social networking username and password are not revealed to KPBS staff.

    If you use OpenID, you will be asked to enter your "Provider URL." See the OpenID site for details on what URL to use, based on which service you use for OpenID.

  • How do I know if I have a Google account? I have Gmail. Is that a Google account?

    If you've ever customized the iGoogle homepage, the username you use to log in to iGoogle is your Google account. If you have a Gmail account, that's your Google account.

  • I created my account using my social network (Twitter/Facebook/Google/OpenID). Now what's my password?

    If you created your account using your social networking site ID, you won't have a password on Just click the button for the social networking site you connected with your KPBS account, and you'll either be asked to fill in your Facebook/Twitter/Google/OpenID username and password, or, if you're already logged in to Facebook/etc. in another window, you'll automatically be logged in to 

    If you already had an account, and then connected your social networking ID, then you will also have a separate password. You can reset that password by going to

  • I signed up on using my Facebook account. Now I want to log in to KPBS with my KPBS username, but don't know my password. 

    Because you created your account using your social networking site ID, you won't have a password on You will have to log in using your Facebook account.

  • How do I change my password?

    Go to, and click on the "Change password" link on the right-hand side of the page. To protect your online identity, we'll ask you to enter your old password first, and then enter a new password.

    If you created your account using your social networking site ID, you won't have a password on You will need to change your password on your social networking site.

    If you already had an account, and then connected your social networking ID, then you will also have a separate password. You can reset that password by going to

  • Can I cancel or revoke the connection between Facebook/Twitter/Google/OpenID and my account?

    Yes. You can revoke the account access by going to the social networking site. Below are links to each site's instructions (please note that we do not monitor these links, and each company may choose to change the pages' addresses at any time): 

  • I logged in with Facebook. So why doesn't my Facebook photo show up on my KPBS user profile?

    Your Facebook profile is kept completely separate from your KPBS profile. You can upload a profile picture (avatar) on the Edit Your Profile page.

  • MembershipBack to top
  • What is KPBS' Federal Tax ID Number?

    KPBS is a not-for-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501 C(3). San Diego State University Research Foundation Federal Tax ID Number: 956042721

  • How many times per year do you have membership campaigns?

    KPBS holds three major television membership campaigns each year during the months of August, December and March. We also program short weekend or mini-membership campaigns on KPBS TV at other times during the year. We also hold three radio membership campaigns each year during the months of October, February and April. As a member-supported organization, on-air membership campaigns are the single most effective way to gain new members – while our audience is viewing and listening.

  • How can I become a member of KPBS?

    There are many ways you can become a member of the KPBS family. You may call Audience Services at 888-399-5727 to join by telephone using a credit card. You may also join online with a credit card. If you would like to send a check, please mail it to: KPBS Membership Dept., 5200 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182 and include a note with your name, address, phone number and desired membership level. Please write "New Membership" on your check.

  • Why am I getting duplicate mailings or information about new membership when I'm already a member?

    KPBS regularly rents names from list brokers to solicit, via mail, potential new members. We also trade mailing lists from time to time with other arts and charitable organizations. Before sending mail solicitations we run a computerized merge/purge process. This process compares our list of member names to the list of names we rent and it purges any duplicate names that are found between the two lists. Sometimes a name or address is different enough on the two lists ("John Smith" vs. "John M. Smith" or "1234 Cass Street" vs. 1234 Kass Street) that an existing member’s name slips through and is mailed a new member appeal. Another cause of duplicate mailings is when a member has more than one account set up in our computer database. Duplicate accounts are sometimes generated during our on air membership campaigns when a member calls in and uses a different variation in the spelling of his/her name. If you believe that you have two or more accounts set up for your membership, please alert KPBS Member Services at 888-399-5727 or via our online contact form

  • I'd like to purchase a membership to KPBS as a gift for a friend or family member, how can I do this?

    Please call Member Services at 888-399-5727 or via our online contact form for details.

  • Does KPBS send a tax acknowledgement letter for members to submit with their tax returns?

    For each one-time gift (paid all at once) KPBS sends an acknowledgement letter/tax receipt within a few weeks after the contribution is made. Members who make more than one such donation during the calendar year should hold on to each acknowledgement letter as we will not automatically mail a separate tax receipt with all of those donations combined. For Sustaining Members and installment-payments only, KPBS mails tax receipts as a courtesy to our members at the beginning of each calendar year, acknowledging the total amount contributed during the previous calendar year. We make every effort to send these by January 31. If you need a receipt at any other time, please contact Member Services at 888-399-5727 or via our online contact form.

  • How long does it take to receive premiums ordered during a pledge drive?

    It generally takes 6-8 weeks to receive your gift(s).

  • Where do I find my member number?

    Your membership identification number can be found on your renewal notice. It can also be obtained by contacting KPBS Member Services at 888-399-5727 or via our online form. Your membership identification is an eight digit number that begins with a "1" or "0"

  • I'm a senior citizen or a student, do you have a special membership rate for me?

    The rate of membership for students and senior citizens is $25 yearly.

  • Why do you send me renewal notices months before my membership is set to expire?

    Most non-profit and commercial organizations mail early renewal notices to their members or subscribers. Renewing early helps avoid lapses in membership and other possible complications.

  • How may I obtain an accurate listing of restaurants and venues participating in the myKPBS Savers Club program?

    You can find a link to the myKPBS Savers Club in the "Give" drop-down menu on our site.

  • Mobile AccessBack to top
  • I clicked the "Mobile Site" link on the desktop site. Now my browser keeps sending me to How can I change this and go back to viewing the full desktop site?

    Sorry about that. When you clicked the "Mobile Site" link a cookie was set in your browser indicating your selection. To change the cookie, click the "Desktop Site" link at the bottom of the browser window. Alternatively you can go to and click "Click to reset cookie to be sent to desktop site."

  • Does KPBS have an iPhone application?

    KPBS has an iPhone application. It is compatible with all iOS devices but is intended primarily for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can access the application in the iTunes store.

  • Does have a special site that is optimized for mobile devices?

    KPBS has a special site that is optimized for mobile browsers. You can access it at

  • Mobile: KPBS iPhone AppBack to top
  • How do I set the alarm on the KPBS iPhone app?

    When you first open the app, swipe right-to-left and tap on "Alarm." Select "Edit Alarm Settings," set the time and select the Stream you want to play when it goes off. Tap "Back" and turn the alarm on. When the alarm time arrives, the app will ring an alarm. When you swipe to unlock the screen, the KPBS iPhone app will begin streaming audio.

  • How do I listen to previous episodes of KPBS Midday Edition or watch previous episodes of KPBS Evening Edition?

    The On Demand section of the app includes previous episodes of many radio and television shows, including KPBS Midday Edition and KPBS Evening Edition. It is located on the second page of navigation icons. From the home screen, swipe your finger from right to left over the icons. Tap the On Demand icon and tap the program name to view a list of previous episodes.

  • Why does the radio stream cut in and out sometimes?

    To listen to live radio streams in the app, a strong wireless data signal is required. Data is constantly being sent to the device in real-time and a temporary loss in connectivity will cause the stream to be interrupted. For best results, use Wi-Fi when streaming.

  • Why can't I see future events in the Events Calendar?

    The events section within the KPBS iPhone app is a simplified version of the full KPBS events calendar. We hope to expand functionality in the future to allow users to browse the full catalog. For now, the app only allows you to see what's happening today. Many of the "ongoing" events are valid for several weeks; check the event listing to see the end date.

  • Why can't I see details on upcoming programs in the TV Schedule?

    The TV schedule within the KPBS iPhone app is a quick reference for a 24-hour period. It currently only includes the program titles. KPBS partners with PBS on our TV listing service, and it currently doesn't support detailed information for mobile devices.

  • Why can't I watch all TV programs on demand?

    The programs listed in the On Demand section are based on podcast feeds. If the program offers a video podcast, we can include it in the app. Many TV programs currently don't offer video podcasts, so this limits the selection we are able to offer here. You can also watch video of many PBS programs in the PBS iPhone and iPad apps; you can find these apps in the iTunes store.

  • Why can't I watch video without Wi-Fi?

    Apple requires video streamed on cellular data plans to be in a specific format that KPBS doesn't currently support. We are investigating options to support this in the future. For now, a Wi-Fi connection will be required to view video content in the KPBS iPhone app.

  • How do I know if my Assignments submission will be used?

    KPBS News editors receive notifications for each Assignment response. They will approve content for viewing in the app on a case-by-case basis. We require a title and description for each submission; the more you can include, the better. If the submission is relevant and includes useful descriptions, it is highly likely it will be approved. Off-topic or poor quality submissions are less likely to be used.

  • How do I turn off Push Notifications? How do I turn them back on?

    Notifications for all apps on the iPhone are managed from within the Settings section on the device itself (not within the apps themselves). In the Settings section, you can choose to turn notifications on or off for individual apps. You can return to enable or disable these as often as you like.

  • The app doesn't respond or I can't stop the audio! What's wrong?

    On occasion, an app may freeze if it encounters a problem. The best way to quickly fix this is to restart the app. First, close the app and return to your home screen. Double-click the home button on your iPhone to reveal the multitasking tray. Press and hold your finger on one of the apps until they begin to shake. Tap the red "minus" symbol to end multitasking on the KPBS app. Close the multitasking tray and open the app again. When you experience technical problems with the KPBS iPhone app, please send a message to Audience Services. Include details about what you were doing when it froze, so that we can replicate the error and fix the issue.

  • How do I listen to the Classical San Diego on the KPBS iPhone app?

    The fastest method to open the classical radio stream is to press the "plus" symbol in the lower right corner of the audio tray. This reveals a menu of streaming options, including Classical San Diego.

  • How can I make the font bigger?

    Currently, the text size is not adjustable. We are working with our technology partner, PRX, to add this functionality in the future.

  • Are you going to make an Android app, too?

    Absolutely! We started our app development with iPhone based on the amount of traffic we see from iPhones. We have a lot of Android users, too, and we will release an Android app in August of 2012.

  • Mobile: PBS AppsBack to top
  • Can I watch KPBS' local TV shows on the PBS iPhone app?

    Yes, you can watch our local programs on the PBS iPhone app. Here's how:
    1. Download PBS iPhone app here
    2. Once installed, open the app and click “TV Schedules” at the bottom of the screen
    3. Enter the zip code where you watch KPBS on TV
    4. Select your Cable Provider
    5. Select KPBS as your station
    6. Click on the “Programs” icon
    7. Pick your show and enjoy watching KPBS on your iPhone

  • Can I watch KPBS' local TV shows on the PBS iPad app?

    Yes, you can watch our local programs on the PBS iPad app. Here's how:
    1. Download PBS for iPad here
    2. Once installed, open the app and click “Select Station” or the “Gear” icon
    3. Enter the zip code where you watch KPBS on TV
    4. Select your Cable Provider
    5. Select KPBS as your station
    6. Click on the “Programs” icon (looks like a small stack of cards)
    7. Pick your show and enjoy watching KPBS on your iPad

  • NewslettersBack to top
  • Why am I receiving the TV Highlights newsletter the day after a program aired?

    It's possible that the email got held back by your service provider due to network delays or spam filters.

    Some email services – including Yahoo and Gmail – automatically prioritize your email inbox based on a number of factors, including who's in your contacts list and which emails you read most regularly. If you add to your contacts list, you may begin to see our newsletters appear in your in box in a more timely manner. You can download and open our vcard icon vCard (file name: kpbs.vcf) to automatically add us to your address book.

    Here are some Help articles from email service providers that you may find helpful:

  • I don't want a daily newsletter. Can I get it weekly instead?

    Most of our newsletters are daily, but we do have a weekly "Most Popular" newsletter, which is sent out every Friday at noon.

  • I don’t know if I want to sign up for the newsletter. Can I preview it?

    Yes, each newsletter has a preview -- go to the main Newsletters and Alerts page, hover your mouse over the name of the newsletter, and click on the "View sample" link in the description that appears.

  • I tried to sign up for a newsletter, but got sent to a log-in page. What’s going on?

    You need to create a free account on in order to sign up for our newsletters. This is the same account you use to comment on our stories, so if you’ve already commented on our stories, you already have an account.

  • I signed up for a newsletter, but I haven't seen it yet. Where is it? 

    Generally speaking, you should receive your first daily newsletter the next business day after you sign up. 

    Please add to your address book so that your email program recognizes our confirmation email as legitimate. You can download and open our vcard icon vCard (file name: kpbs.vcf) to automatically add us to your address book.

    If you do not see the newsletter, please check your junk or spam folders. 

  • How do I unsubscribe from a newsletter?

    You can find the link to manage your subscriptions on the right side of your profile page. You will need to be logged in to see your profile.