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Adriana Alcaraz

Recent Stories by Adriana Alcaraz

Meth's Toll: Life at the Bottom

Dec. 14
By Adriana Alcaraz and KPBS Public Broadcasting

This is the face of a teenager who uses crystal meth. The face of Abbie Richardson who started drinking and smoking marijuana at 14-years old. By 16, she was hooked on speed.

'Other Way' Border Crossers Go South For Work and School

July 24
By Adriana Alcaraz and KPBS Public Broadcasting

Every day, thousands of Mexicans wait in line to cross the international boundary and come to work in San Diego. But we rarely hear about San Diegans doing the same thing in reverse: crossing the border to go to work or school in Mexico. Reporter Adriana Alcaraz brings us the story.

Proposed Temecula Gravel Mine Sparks Controversy

Feb. 1
By Adriana Alcaraz and KPBS Public Broadcasting

People in the Temecula area may soon have a new neighbor that’s not welcome. A giant construction company wants to build a gravel mine. Some residents feel the project will destroy their quality of life, while a group of researchers says there’s a lot more than that at stake.

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