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SPECIAL COVERAGE: Living With Wildfires: San Diego Firestorm 10 Years Later

Aliston St John

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Marine Who Ran Gitmo: U.S. Lost 'Moral High Ground'

Marine Who Ran Gitmo: U.S. Lost 'Moral High Ground'

Sept. 25
By Aliston St John

The Marine Commander assigned to set up Guantanamo Bay Detention Center said the United States “lost the moral high ground” with its brutal treatment of prisoners there.

S.D. Council To Decide on Mayor Sanders' Pension Reform Plan

May 12
By Aliston St John and KPBS Public Broadcasting

The San Diego City Council has a stark choice to make today -- whether to approve Mayor Jerry Sanders' proposed pension reforms for city workers or risk taxpayer anger by putting them on hold. Much is at stake for Sanders because reforming the city's pension plan was one of his campaign promises. KPBS reporter Alison St John has more.

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