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David Wagner

Science & Technology Reporter

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David Wagner covers the science and technology beat for KPBS. Before arriving in San Diego, he wrote a research column for The Atlantic magazine's sister site The Atlantic Wire. Other positions found him producing web content for NPR's Arts & Life channel and writing features for the San Francisco Chronicle. He holds English and Political Science B.A.s from UC Berkeley.

Recent Stories

KPBS Drought Tracker Update: 'A Normal Year So Far'

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Rain and snow hit San Diego County this week, but precipitation levels have remained fairly average across the state despite El Niño predictions.

San Diego Blood Donors Get Free Genome Sequencing

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Hoping to boost genomic research, San Diego-based Illumina is providing free genome sequencing to 70 San Diego Blood Bank donors.

Scientists Spread Anti-Malaria Genes Through Mosquitoes

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A genetic engineering technique developed at UC San Diego could be a powerful tool in the fight against malaria, according to a new study on mosquitoes.

San Diego Scientists Study How Lean People Can Still Get Diabetes

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Why do some people develop diabetes as they age, even though they're not overweight? Scientists at the Salk Institute are finding out.

Here's A Tool To Track California's Drought

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Is this year's El Niño going to be a real drought-buster for California? Over the next few months, KPBS will be tracking rain and snow throughout the state to find out.

Study Aims To Locate How San Diego Neighborhoods Affect Health

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How does where we live affect our health? Researchers at UC San Diego are recruiting people from all over San Diego County to find out.

Salk Scientists Fight Harmful Bacteria With More Bacteria

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In a study published in Science on Thursday, scientists at the Salk Institute show that mice infected with harmful bacteria can get a boost from helpful bacteria.

Car Hacking Research Accelerates At UC San Diego

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New legal protections issued this week are emboldening San Diego researchers who tinker with cars to find the security flaws that make them vulnerable to hacking.

Study: California Solar Farms Far From Demand, Close To Protected Lands

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California is relying heavily on solar power to reach environmentally friendly renewable energy goals. But a new study claims big solar farms can cause environmental problems of their own.

New Supercomputer Comes Online At UC San Diego

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To mark its 30th anniversary, the San Diego Supercomputer Center is celebrating the launch of a new platform for crunching big data.

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