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David Wagner

Science & Technology Reporter

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David Wagner covers the science and technology beat for KPBS. Before arriving in San Diego, he wrote a research column for The Atlantic magazine's sister site The Atlantic Wire. Other positions found him producing web content for NPR's Arts & Life channel and writing features for the San Francisco Chronicle. He holds English and Political Science B.A.s from UC Berkeley.

Recent Stories

San Diego Researchers Could Receive Pay Raise

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Scientists in early stages of their careers could receive a substantial pay raise under new overtime rules. But it’s not yet clear UC San Diego postdocs will be affected.

How You Can Help San Diego Scientists Search For Zika Drugs

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Scientists have a long way to go in developing a drug that can effectively fight the Zika virus. Researchers at UC San Diego are taking the first step, and they're asking for your help.

San Diego Oceanographer, 98, Spurs Research Proving Climate Change Makes Days Longer

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Legendary San Diego oceanographer Walter Munk, known as the "Einstein of the oceans," spurred scientists to prove that current sea-level rise is actually slowing down the rotation of the Earth.

San Diego Scientists To Join New National Microbiome Project

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The White House is putting $121 million in new federal funding toward mapping the tiny microbes living in humans and the environment. Local scientists will join the big effort.

Forestry Officials Ramp Up Fight Against Invasive Beetles

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One species that originated from Arizona has infested more than 100,000 acres across San Diego County. One thing campers can do to help curb the beetles’ spread: buy firewood locally.

San Diego Company Sets Price Of Newly Approved Parkinson’s Drug

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The first approved drug designed to specifically treat the hallucinations that can accompany Parkinson's disease will cost $23,400 per year.

San Diego Scientists Help Discover Earth-Sized Planets Orbiting Tiny Star

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The planets orbit a small and faint star, not visible to the naked eye. They're about as close to their star as Jupiter is to its moons.

Healthy Aging May Not Require Winning The Genetic Lottery

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San Diego scientists found that people who live into their 80s and above with their health intact may have some genetic protections, but fewer than you might expect.

UC San Diego Scientists Working On Roadside Test For Stoned Drivers

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Police can use breathalyzers to catch drunken drivers. But they don’t have a great way of identifying stoned drivers.

UC San Diego Holds Meeting On Gaps In Marijuana Research

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Scientists gathered at the university to discuss what we still don’t know about the effects of using pot.

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