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David Wagner

Science & Technology Reporter

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David Wagner covers the science and technology beat for KPBS. Before arriving in San Diego, he wrote a research column for The Atlantic magazine's sister site The Atlantic Wire. Other positions found him producing web content for NPR's Arts & Life channel and writing features for the San Francisco Chronicle. He holds English and Political Science B.A.s from UC Berkeley.

Recent Stories

Record Rainfall Breaks Through 'Ridiculously Resilient Ridge'

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The ridge has helped keep California in a prolonged state of drought by pushing storms up and over California.

Warm-Blooded Fish Discovered Near San Diego

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The opah, sometimes called the moonfish, is known for its unusually round, silvery body. Now, San Diego researchers have discovered that the opah possess an even more unusual trait: warm blood.

San Diego Study: Designer Drug 'Flakka' Is Potent But No Worse Than Bath Salts

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Research out of The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla suggests the effects of a new designer drug sweeping Florida are on par with a previous chemical cousin.

San Diego Researchers Link PTSD To Early Aging

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Post-traumatic stress disorder affects more than just the mind, according to a new study led by scientists in San Diego.

San Diego Company Inks Deal With Cosmetics Giant To 3D-Print Human Skin

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L'Oreal has inked a bio-printing deal with San Diego-based Organovo in hopes of developing better ways to test beauty products.

Top Memory Athletes Go Head-To-Head In San Diego

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A local drug discovery company is hosting a memory competition this weekend, in part to further research on individuals with superior recall skills.

California's Brain Initiative Announces First Wave Of Funding

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Designed to complement the Obama administration's federal neuroscience initiative, Cal-BRAIN announced its first wave of funding this week.

Rady Children's Hospital Begins Search For Birth Defect Genes

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The goal is to pinpoint the genes or environmental factors driving problems like cleft palate and certain heart defects.

San Diego Researchers Caught Up In Ethical Debate About Altering Human DNA

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A DNA modification technique that helps mothers avoid passing serious medical conditions on to their children is raising ethical and safety questions.

A Shrinking Salton Sea Raises Health Concerns

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Agencies and residents are turning their attention to air quality as shoreline dries up along California's largest inland body of water.

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