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David Wagner

Science & Technology Reporter

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David Wagner covers the science and technology beat for KPBS. Before arriving in San Diego, he wrote a research column for The Atlantic magazine's sister site The Atlantic Wire. Other positions found him producing web content for NPR's Arts & Life channel and writing features for the San Francisco Chronicle. He holds English and Political Science B.A.s from UC Berkeley.

Recent Stories

Salk Scientists Propose New Mitochondrial Disease Fix

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San Diego researchers have discovered a way to cut bad mitochondrial DNA out of mouse embryos. But they say ethical debate is needed before ever trying the technique in humans.

Scientists Find Microbial Riches In Isolated South American Village

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Members of an isolated Amazonian tribe carry the most diverse collection of bacteria ever seen in humans, according to a new study.

Genetic Chain Reaction Sets Off Scientific Debate

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UC San Diego researchers have discovered a powerful new way to spread modified genes. Some experts say it could combat deadly diseases; others say their experiment was unsafe.

Could A Giant Magnet Like This Help Power The World?

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This week, General Atomics unveiled the beginning of work on a magnet more than four stories tall. This magnet's job is an even taller order: making good on the clean energy promise of nuclear fusion.

San Diego Revenge Porn Purveyor Sentenced To 18 Years

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Kevin Bollaert was the first person found guilty of crimes related to running a revenge porn website.

Border Agency Brings Face Scanning To Otay Mesa

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Customs and Border Protection will be testing biometric technology at the Otay Mesa pedestrian crossing.

San Diego Scientists Show How Late-Night Snacking Affects Heart Health

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Late-night snacking could be taking a toll on your heart. And according to a new study, that holds true even when keeping overall daily calories down.

San Diego Scientists Link Genes With PTSD, Before And After War

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Gene activity related to the immune system may predispose certain soldiers to developing post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a new study.

California Woman Takes Routine Prenatal Test, Finds Out She Has Cancer

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Eunice Lee got more than she signed up for when she took a noninvasive prenatal test made by San Diego-based Sequenom.

San Diego Scientist: Every Medical Pot Study Showed A Benefit To The Patient

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"It's completely incongruous that it's sitting in schedule one with other useless, dangerous drugs," says one of the few U.S. scientists who has had the chance to research marijuana in-depth.

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