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Ingrid Lobet

Contributor through May 2018

Ingrid Lobet previously worked with the team of journalists at inewsource, a nonprofit journalism enterprise embedded in the KPBS newsroom.

Lobet has covered the environment, energy and climate for 14 years and been recognized with several national awards, including IRE, Edward R. Murrow, Scripps Howard and the Polk (team).

She served on the investigative team at the Houston Chronicle and produced stories for Marketplace and the Center for Investigative Reporting. When screen time overwhelms she reverts to carpentry, her first trade.

Recent Stories by Ingrid Lobet

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Two Ways Natural Gas May Be Escaping At Your Meter

Nov. 6, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Natural gas is leaking — sometimes deliberately — from residential gas meters up and down the state of California. That surprise is buried in state documents, a review by inewsource has found.

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Electricity Alone Powers One Quarter Of US Homes

Sept. 26, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Recently inewsource reported that for climate reasons, some environmental groups are starting to advocate for all-electric homes. Those are homes in which all the appliances including heaters, hot water heaters and stoves run on electricity, not natural gas.

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How Natural Gas Became The Dirty Fuel, At Least In Your Home

Aug. 23, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Not long ago natural gas — the fuel that probably gave you your hot shower this morning — was hailed as the clean “bridge fuel,” the one that would create a safe transition for society from yesterday’s dirtier home fuels, coal and oil, to a fully renewable future.

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El Cajon Family Endures Months, Possibly Years Of Toxic Indoor Air

Aug. 9, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

The problem has existed since the 1960s and been known to state officials and the companies responsible since the 1980s. But the Masters family and many of their neighbors just found out last fall, after inewsource published an online map of the contamination.

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Governor Jerry Brown Likely To Face Decision On 100 Percent Clean Electricity

July 14, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

A key vote this week in Sacramento has moved California closer than most people could imagine to a future in which all electricity — 100 percent of it — is produced without releasing more carbon into the air.

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Company Offers Air Testing To El Cajon Mobile Home Residents

June 15, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Ametek, Inc. is offering to test the air in any home in the three mobile home communities located over an increasingly high profile chemical plume that runs underground through part of El Cajon.

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Expert: Every Home Located On Toxic Plume In El Cajon Should Be Tested

June 12, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

There is no doubt now that some residents of two mobile home parks in El Cajon have been exposed to toxic gas seeping into their homes from a plume of contaminated groundwater. Recent air testing and a newly released health risk study make that clear.

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Sempra Backtracks On VP’s '100 Percent Renewable' Comments

June 2, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

Sempra Energy is backtracking on comments made by a company vice president last week that there is no technical obstacle to a 100 percent renewable grid, comments that could have been interpreted to mean fossil fuel and gas would no longer be necessary to produce electricity in California.

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Sempra VP Surprises, Says 100 Percent Renewable Grid Is Possible Now

May 26, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

A vice president with Sempra Energy, one of the nation’s largest utilities, made a stunning admission to a roomful of gas and oil executives this week: there is no technical impediment to California getting all of its energy from renewables — now.

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Stall In Lawsuit Reveals The Distance Between California And Former Ally, EPA

May 12, 2017
By Ingrid Lobet / inewsource

On the surface, it is just a request to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for more time to prepare, due to a change in federal administration.

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