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Joe Yerardi

Multimedia-Based Investigative Reporter and Data Specialist

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Joe Yerardi is an investigative reporter and data specialist at inewsource, combining traditional reporting techniques with data analysis to produce investigative stories.

Prior to joining inewsource, Joe was the data editor at the San Antonio Express-News. While in San Antonio, Joe wrote data-driven stories of local and regional interest, assisted reporters in utilizing data in daily and enterprise coverage and produced data visualizations for the newspaper’s print and online products.

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree from New York University and a master’s degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Recent Stories

News In Numbers: SDG&E Is The Top Taxpayer In San Diego County

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San Diego Gas & Electric provides power to millions of customers throughout Southern California. It also powers up city and county coffers throughout the region, thanks to more than $110 million in property taxes it paid during the last fiscal year.

News In Numbers: Data Shows Proposed San Diego Election Change Would Help Democrats

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Data from past elections suggests San Diego Democrats could get a boost from a more liberal electorate under a proposed change to the city's voting format.

News In Numbers: San Diego House Members Travel The World Using Private Funds

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Between the start of the current Congress on Jan. 3, 2015, and the end of June, San Diego County’s five representatives and members of their staffs took 31 trips that were paid for by private entities, mostly charities, think tanks and trade associations.

Map: Breaking Down Tuesday's Election Results

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inewsource mapped six of the election's highest-profile contests so you can see how your neighborhood voted.

With People And PACs, Faulconer Dominates San Diego Mayoral Fundraising

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A broad-based fundraising network and a constellation of well-funded political action committees have given San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer plenty of firepower. That’s not so much the case with his two opponents.

Early Voting Underway In San Diego County Races

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Voters across the county have been casting early ballots for more than a week, and it should soon become clear which candidates in several hard-fought contests have the turnout advantage heading into the election on June 7.

San Diego County Dams Old But Still Passing Muster

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While San Diego's aging dams have passed their latest inspections, government agencies make little information public about the threat a failure would pose.

Want To Follow Campaign Money In San Diego? This Inewsource App Will Help

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Using data from the San Diego City Clerk's Office website, the app allows users to search campaign contributions to San Diego politicians, ballot measures and independent committees.

Unions Pull Support For Peters, Davis After Trade Vote; Impact Limited

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Last spring, organized labor pushed hard but unsuccessfully to convince Democratic Representatives Scott Peters and Susan Davis to oppose fast-track consideration of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Eight months after they bucked the unions, their labor money has dried up but more serious threats have failed to materialize.

Tough To Get Data From San Diego’s Open Data Initiative

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It's been more than a year and a half since the city of San Diego launched its open data initiative to make public all sorts of information — from city salaries to parking ticket details — but not much is there for the viewing.

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