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Marissa Cabrera

News Producer

Marissa Cabrera is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition and had previously served as a Newscast Producer for KPBS' Morning Edition.

Before joining KPBS she reported on Vatican affairs, social, and cultural issues in Rome, Italy. She also contributed to a documentary on sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

Marissa has worked as a multimedia journalist at various news stations in San Diego and Monterey as well as Columbia, Missouri.

Marissa graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism.

Recent Stories

Terminal 1 Focus Of San Diego Airport Development Plan

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Rebuilding Terminal 1 is part of a long-term plan for the San Diego International Airport, which is designed to help the airport meet demand through 2035.

What Motivates People To Give During The Holidays?

The charitable giving season is in full swing and some estimates suggest people being more generous. A San Diego professor explains the psychology behind giving.

Toni Atkins Begins First Full Term As California Assembly Speaker

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A conversation with Atkins for her take on what's cooking at the state capital.

Mexican And Central American Asylum Rates Remain Low

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Many of the young people who surged across the US border this year say they are refugees seeking asylum. A conference in San Diego focuses on how to improve refugee policies.

Chula Vista, Imperial Beach Welcome New Mayors

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Mary Salas was sworn in as the first Latina mayor of Chula Vista on Tuesday as conservationist Serge Dedina is getting ready to take the mayoral oath of office in Imperial Beach.

Little Italy's Juniper & Ivy Tops San Diego's Best New Restaurant List

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San Diego Magazine food critic Troy Johnson's highly anticipated list of the year's best new restaurants includes expected picks and lots of surprises.

What You Need To Know About San Diego County's Criminal Grand Jury

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As protests continue across the country over the grand jury verdicts in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, we take a look at how San Diego County's criminal grand jury system works.

San Diego Rapper Faces Life Sentence For Album

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Rapper Brandon Duncan, who goes by the name "Tiny Doo," is on trial today in connection with a string of gang-related shootings. His connection to the alleged crimes: a rap album.

California Historian Kevin Starr On Balboa Park

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The opening ceremony for the 100th anniversary celebration of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition kicks off this weekend at Balboa Park. California Historian Kevin Starr weighs in on the continuing impact of the exposition on San Diego.

Coping With The Holiday Blues

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The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time. But they could also bring on stress, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Experts offer practical solutions to keeping the holiday blues at bay.

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