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Sharon Heilbrunn

Contributor through June 2010

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Family These Days

Are Temper Tantrums Normal?

Are temper tantrums a sign of trouble? Local experts discuss what causes temper tantrums, and when parents should be concerned.

Family These Days

Teens And Depression

Is your teenager depressed or just moody? How can you tell? Local experts discuss the differences.


Homework: Too Much, Too Soon?

Is homework beneficial for very young children?


Is Your Teenager Depressed?

Is your teenager depressed or moody? San Diego-based psychologists discuss the differences between the two and offer suggestions for parents.


Should Parents Be Troubled By Tantrums?

Are tantrums normal, or a sign of something more troubling?

These Days

Huntington's Disease

Huntington's disease is a genetic disorder of the brain that affects 1 in 10,000 people. We speak to local experts about the devastating disease and the impact it has on people and families.


With Fitness, Parents Hold The Power

Put down the candy and remote control, Mom and Dad. If you want to reduce the risk of raising an overweight child, it's time to clean the pantry of processed foods and start pedaling that bike.

These Days

Foster Youth: Beyond The Necessities

May is National Foster Care month. We take a look at what foster kids need that isn't a necessity.

Local Connections To Fall Of Saigon

Tease photo

Last week, we introduced you to Dzung Le, a Vietnamese refugee who was evacuated to the USS Midway during the Fall of Saigon. In 35 years, he has never returned to the ship. Today, Le meets with retired Commander Vern Jumper, who was air boss on the Midway, during Le's rescue.

Vietnamese Refugee And Navy Veteran Reunite On The USS Midway

Tease photo

Vietnamese-American Dzung Le and USS Midway air boss Vern Jumper recall their bitter-sweet memories of the chaotic evacuation of people from Saigon as South Vietnam fell to North Vietnam 35 years ago.

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