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Steve Shadley

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Farmers Protest Canal to Redirect Sacramento River

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About a hundred people rallied at the state capitol Monday to show concerns about the future of one of California's deltas. They want lawmakers to vote against a proposal that calls for construction of a massive canal.

New Bill Would Ease Restrictions on Concealed Firearms

A bill to make it easier to get concealed weapons permits in California is stirring up controversy at the state capitol.

Lawmaker Looks Into Dirty Government

A California lawmaker says the state may be violating its own regulation requiring gas stations to meet new clean air standards. Steve Shadley (SHAD-Lee) explains why State Senator Dave Cox wants to know if gas pumps the state uses to fuel its vehicles are legal.

Homebuyers Taking Advantage of Tax Credit

Thousands of new homebuyers are taking advantage of a state tax credit intended to jumpstart California's slumping housing market.

Head of National Guard Says Moral Still Up After Six Years in Iraq

The head of the California Guard just returned from Iraq and he says morale is "good" among local troops. Steve Shadley reports.

Lack of Transparency During Budget Talks Causes Concern

Some political observers say California lawmakers passed the historic budget agreement with very little public oversight. They're calling for more "open government" during future budget negotiations. Steve Shadley reports.

Governor to Sign Budget Today

Governor Schwarzenegger says California can get back to business now. Lawmakers have approved a plan to deal with the state's $42 billion deficit. The governor says he plans to sign the budget deal today/Friday. Steve Shadley reports.

Schwarzenegger on Sidelines as RNC Begins

The chairman of the state republican party is from San Diego. He says Senator John McCain's presidential campaign is getting the attention of undecided and independent voters in California. But the state's most well known Republican --Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, cancelled plans to speak today and remains on the sidelines. From Sacramento, Steve Shadley reports.

California Fires Continue to Spread

Just when firefighters thought they were beating the 330 wildfires burning in California, the weather turned against them. Steve Shadley reports.

Extreme Heat Returns to California, Hampering Firefighting Efforts

Just when firefighters thought they were beating the 330 wildfires that continue burning in California…the weather has turned against them. From Sacramento Steve Shadley reports.

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