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'Fortune & Fate' Opening reception

Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 6 PM
Distinction Gallery

We are pleased to present "FORTUNE & FATE," an art show interrogating luck, destiny and providence hosted by Distinction Gallery.

Do we control our futures? Are we the playthings or authors of fate? Our artists confront all such questions and more this March, in a showcase of paintings, drawings and mixed media pieces. Some have thought about luck as a subject matter, an arbitrary force external to people, places and things. Others have catechized fate via material qualities, following in the footsteps of expressionism. While all of our members are professional artists with countless corporate clients, all works on show have been independently created - purely through the auspices of imagination. Luck is illustrated by different cultures in different ways, from shamrocks to horseshoes to koi. Though not all of our members trade in symbology, we have such a variety of origins that visitors are apt to experience a world tour of perspectives in a single show.

Original artworks and limited edition prints will be available, the opening reception is March 11 from 6-10 p.m.

Divergence Art Collective was formed in 2022 with the aim of conducting themed group shows for collectors and artists. In a landscape of sameness and disposability, we value craftsmanship and the outré. Our artists have a wide variety of inspirations, from pop culture to literature, folklore and the natural world. While we are all from different backgrounds, we share the idiom of visual art and believe in executing it to a standard worthy of the form. Visitors are provided with an experience of techniques, aesthetics and subjects as varied as ourselves. As a collective, we are focused on presenting themed shows with an atmosphere both unique and unified. The shows are carefully curated by the artists themselves. - Divergence Art Collective.

With live music from 7-9 p.m. by Mathew Gose!

Show on view through March 11 - April 4 at Distinction Gallery

Divergence Collective on Instagram

Event Supported By

Divergence Art Collective

Distinction Gallery

317 East Grand Ave.
Escondido, California 92025

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