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KPBS Podcasts

Rad Scientist logo

Rad Scientist: A journey through the lives and discoveries of San Diego's raddest scientists — researchers pushing the frontiers of human knowledge. This season, you'll hear from the region's experts in sperm, plants, stars and nuclear physics.

My First Day logo

My First Day: A KPBS Explore series about the exciting, nerving process of starting a new life (in San Diego, specifically).

First Person logo

First Person: A weekly series that tells the stories of San Diegans in their own words, offering a unique lens into the news of the day.

San Diego Stories logo

San Diego Stories: A collection of in-depth reports from the KPBS news team, and longer discussions of our most important stories.

Midday Edition logo

Midday Edition: Maureen Cavanaugh hosts this daily show, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to arts.

KPBS Roundtable logo

Roundtable: Mark Sauer hosts this weekly discussion of the week's top stories with San Diego journalists.

Cinema Junkie logo

Cinema Junkie: A film and entertainment podcast run by award-winning KPBS film critic Beth Accomando. The show features Hollywood heavy-hitters, nerdy deep dives, and hidden gems from TV and movies.

Incoming logo

Incoming: A series by So Say We All, brought to you by KPBS' Explore Project. Incoming tells true stories from men and women returning from war.