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Digital Innovation

A banner displaying screens from the KPBS News Room

The rapid evolution and adoption of digital technology places a high burden on KPBS. The Digital Innovation Fund provides KPBS with the resources to research, update, acquire and maintain vital hardware, software and infrastructure that will enable us to efficiently and reliably deliver content to our audiences.

Available everywhere from smartwatches to connected cars, KPBS delivers news and entertainment programming in multiple formats. Our small Digital team develops, tests and deploys whatever it takes to feed the ever growing list of devices and channels. We must meet the increasing demands of the digital age because our audience expects it. Technology doesn’t stand still, and we can’t either.

Support for Digital Innovation begins with gifts of $50,000. Local recognition is available, commensurate with the level of support.

To learn more about how you can support the KPBS Impact Journalism Fund, contact Jared Blakeley, Major Gifts Director, at (619) 594-0851 or


Jared Blakeley
Major Gifts Director
(619) 594-0851