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Advantages Seen to Running Barefoot

Running without shoes isn't a popular way for most people to exercise, but many marathon runners swear by the technique. Host Tom Fudge asks two barefoot runners why they chose to run this way, the l

Advantages Seen to Running Barefoot

Tom Fudge: Most of us have not even seriously considered running a marathon. But running a marathon with no shoes? That's hard to even imagine! But guess what - there are distance runners who prefer to do it unshod. They say it's actually healthy, and better for your feet. These people are not crazy. But they do suffer a period of tremendous hardship, developing the calluses and the muscle tone you need to run 26 miles without shoes.


  • "Barefoot" Ken Bob Saxton , a barefoot runner who operates the Web site .
  • Yoshi Yoshino, a barefoot runner.

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