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San Diego Plays Uncertain Role in Future Film Industry

Lights, cameras, action. While the local film industry has shown growth over the last few years, the possible cancellation of "Veronica Mars" could signal a curtain call for many of the people who wor

San Diego Plays Uncertain Role in Future Film Industry

San Diego earned more than $70 million last year from TV and film productions that chose to shoot on local here. But sunny skies, endless beaches and proximity to L.A. aren't enough to keep us among the most desirable places to shoot a movie.

There's increasing competition for business out of Hollywood, and San Diego's hay day in the spotlight may be coming to an end. Or, maybe not. The latest buzz is that the made for TV Series Veronica Mars , shot here, may or may not get another season. The word will come down from the studio bosses any day now. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake, not to mention more than 100 jobs. 



  • Leif Kolt, is a set dresser on the Veronica Mars show.

(Photo: Leading Characters from the CW television series Veronica Mars, played by Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell. CWTV )