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San Diego County Creates Restaurant Health Inspection Website

Have you ever walked into your favorite restaurant and wondered how well it did during a health inspection? The County of San Diego unveils a new website to explain what those "grades" in the restaura

San Diego County Creates Restaurant Health Inspection Website

Maureen Cavanaugh (Guest Host): You see them posted on the windows of restaurants all over San Diego, usually with a big "A." But, do you know what they mean? Yes, I'm talking about the "grades" restaurants receive from the County of San Diego's Department of Environmental Health .

In a matter of weeks, you won't have to visit your favorite restaurant to find out if it violates any health codes, it will be available to you with the click of a mouse. The county will soon unveil a new website with a searchable database to explain what those "grades" mean, how inspections take place, what big health violations took place, and the action the county plans to take.


What does the county want out of this public transparency? How effective has this system been in the past, and how might it be improved?


  • Julayne Gath, registered environmental health specialist for the County of San Diego.