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Lost in Translation

This week on A Way with Words: When traveling abroad, are you charmed by mistranslations? Martha and Grant discuss China’s effort to eradicate awkward English before the Olympics. And . . . podcast o

Lost in Translation

Originally aired March 24, 2007

(Photo: Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon--in drag--think they've fallen into a "tub of butter" when they join Marilyn Monroe and an all-girl band in Some Like It Hot. MGM/UA )

When traveling abroad, are you charmed or bothered by mangled English translations? Martha and Grant discuss China's attempt to rid Beijing of awkward English in time for the 2008 Olympics.

After Grant's slang quiz, you'll never confuse a "nature bump" and "hogger."


Also, why do military folk shout "Hooah!," and why do some Southerners exclaim, "I swannee!"? Is "falling into a tub of butter" a good thing or a bad thing, and what do you do when you "tink"?

Martha and Grant discuss the difference between a "pub" and a "bar," and take another shot at helping a caller find a word for the "points on a compass."
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