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Super Tuesday venting

The comments we get from our talkback questions are all over the map. Sometimes they address the question we ask, sometimes they don't. Sometimes, as in today's "day-after-Super-Tuesday" coverage, they give the KPBS community a chance to vent about all things election. We heard from McCain and Huckabee supporters, we heard from Romney supporters...we heard from Kucinich supporters. We heard from people saying we were being unfair to Obama, to Clinton and for the record, they wanted to know, where's Ron Paul?
Personally, I do think Morning Edition's coverage was a little Obama-heavy today....but, I trust the NPR people to even that out. KPBS Reporter Joanne Faryon gave us a taste of how touchy some people are getting about these races with her story about last night's Democratic party event in Hillcrest . Devious sign-placement, indeed!

Morning Edition also focused on the California primary races in two from Ina Jaffe in the field, another with political consultant Sheree Bebitch Jeffe .

Tomorrow, we may find out what else has been going on in the world besides US Presidential politics....