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San Diego Junior Theatres Celebrates 60 Years

San Diego Junior Theatre turns 60 this year. It is the oldest youth theatre in the U.S. It also touts some famous alumni, like Dennis Hopper and Raquel Welsh. We'll talk about the history and futur

San Diego Junior Theatres Celebrates 60 Years

Alan Ray : You were probably just sitting there wondering what Dennis Hopper and Raquel Welsh have in common? Other than, maybe, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Well, for starters, there's where they started out. They're both alums of San Diego Junior Theatre, which is almost as old as they are. San Diego Junior Theatre is the oldest junior theatre in the country, and it turns 60 this year.



  • Will Neblett , executive director of San Diego Junior Theatre since 1996 and a founding member of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership.
  • Cloteal Horne , Junior Theatre student, actor and crew member.