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San Diegans Reflect on the Inauguration, Hour 2

Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. We'll mark this historic day with local reaction to his inauguration.

San Diegans Reflect on the Inauguration, Hour 2

Above, reactions to Obama's inauguration from students and faculty from San Diego State University.


Maureen Cavanaugh : This hour ( listen to hour 1 ) we continue talking about San Diego's reaction to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. We'll continue taking your calls on what you thought about the inauguration and your hopes for a new Obama administration.

Our focus this hour is not only the historic events of this morning, but what happens now. How will President Obama face the tremendous challenges before him, and will today's good will and euphoria help ease the way for the new President?


  • Gloria Penner , KPBS Political Correspondent and host of Editors Roundtable on KPBS.
  • John Warren , editor and publisher of San Diego Voice & Viewpoint.
  • Bob Filner , Democratic congressman representing California's 51st congressional district.
  • Brian Bilbray , Republican congressman representing California's 50th congressional district.
  • Chris Reed , editorial writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, and author of America's Finest Blog on