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Pultizer Prize Nominated Play Bulrusher at New Village Arts

New Village Arts is staging the Pulitzer Prize nominated drama Bulrusher. The play is set in Boonville, California and incorporates the region's own folk language, Boontling. We'll talk with playwrig

Pultizer Prize Nominated Play Bulrusher at New Village Arts

Maureen Cavanaugh:    A northern California farming community so isolated that it started and maintained its own language for more than 50 years. Now that's a setting ripe with possibilities for a playwright , especially a playwright who is fascinated with the subjects of language and identity.  Eisa Davis is such a playwright. The story she set in that community is called Bulrusher and it was a finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize. 

Bulrusher is now being performed in Carlsbad at the New Village Arts Theater:



  • Eisa Davis is a playwright, actor, singer and songwriter.  She wrote the play Bulrusher, currently on stage at New Village Arts. 
  • Kristianne Kurner is directing this production of Bulrusher.  She's also the Executive Artistic Director at New Village Arts.
  • Jasmine Allen plays the lead character of Bulrusher.  
  • Tim Parker plays the character of Boy.